Monday, December 05, 2011

The TSA has Gone Wild. Who Will Stop Them?

The TSA has jumped the shark with its recent strip-search of an an 85-year old, 4′11″, 110-pound grandmother in a wheelchair, and may have redefined itself from an inconvenience to air travelers to a 2012 election issue. Mark Steyn, as usual, clarifies what is at stake:

US airport “security” serves no serious purpose except to accustom free-born peoples to behaving like a compliant bovine herd. America is now a land where 85-year old grannies are strip-searched without probable cause. You’re extremely naive if you think that, once government acquires a taste for that, it will remain confined to the airport.

The Republican candidate for president must force Obama to defend his agency's practices, and clearly explain the danger that the TSA presents to the very basic freedoms of every American. That's a winning platform plank that will garner the support of Americans from the hard right to the "tents of the Occupation".

And if Mitt Romney doesn't have the guts to fight for our freedom from big government, and doesn't have the will to confront Obama on the vicious misdeeds of the TSA, that implies to me that the odds that he will actually do anything about it, once president, are exceeding slim.

Which is why so many of us are looking for what the media derisively calls the "anti-Romney"...

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