Saturday, December 17, 2011

Media Still Lyin' 'bout Light Bulbs

Oh, that block on the ban of 100 watt incandescent light bulbs will not stop the media, laws no!  The despicable Yahoo! news service had an article up last night - after a deal was reached to effectively defund the attempt to ban the bulb - purporting to explain how government control was good for us.

The Truth About the New Light Bulb Law

In short: the notion that incandescent bulbs will no longer be available is a myth. Nor will you be forced to buy Compact Fluroescent Lightbulbs (CFLs). "You will still be able to buy incandescents," Noah Horowitz, senior scientist at the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), told Yahoo! Shine. "The only difference being that the new and improved ones are more efficient."

Well, the "truth" is already a lie. You will in fact still be able to buy incandescents, but not the same ones you've used your entire life. The "new and improved ones" (another lie we'll address shortly) will now be the only ones you are allowed to buy, thanks to government fiat.

And that's not the only "difference":

The new light bulbs do cost more, but will save you money over their lifetime. On average, a new incandescent bulb will cost $1 to $2 compared to 25 cents. That may seem like a big jump, but the NRDC estimates that you will actually save $3 to $3.50 over the life of each bulb--which means they pay for themselves.

It is a big jump, and the problem is that they do not last as long as advertised nor save as much energy as claimed. Lab tests under control conditions may be one thing, but real-life usage has shown that the new "government bulbs" have no longer a lifespan than traditional incandescents.  So the "only difference" is that you are replacing light bulbs at $2- a pop instead of a quarter, thus negating any of the minimal energy savings they would have netted.

The one on the left is so much better than the media and the government are forced to lie about it - for your own good, of course..

Yahoo's "truth" is a lie, but it's an entertaining lie, and feeds the moral superiority of the environmental Left, so it stays up.  Is their any wonder that discourse is so disjointed in America these days?

And here in New Jersey, we're being called a familiar name:

Whether they’re fueled by misinformation or simply don’t want to see traditional incandescents disappear, some consumers have clung to the bulbs they’re used to....

"...Apparently they seem to be addicted to the incandescent glow, which makes sense," he said. "We grew up with that color — that yellowish glow ...


We're ignorant.  We're clingers.  We are addicted to a pretty color.  They'll say anything, no matter how false, no matter how derogatory, in an attempt to force us to accept government regulation on every aspect of our lives.

The people have said "enough!", but the media tantrum is just beginning...

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DamnYankee84 said...

"that yellowish glow" - guess they haven't seen the "bright white" bulbs....

Then there is the radio commercials I've heard touting the incandescent bulb as 1880's technology - how much taxpayer money went to pay for the production, distribution, & airing of that twaddle?