Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Liberal Jews Descend Into Parody. The Rest Of Us Push Back...

Jen Rubin, on another piece of pro-Obama fluff in the Jewish newsies:

A piece by Allison Hoffman in the online magazine Tablet, titled “United Jewish Appeal,” is so crammed with ludicrous assumptions, half-truths and self-delusion, it is hard to know where to start a critique...

Rubin proceeds to tear Hoffman a new one, so to speak. I don't have the stomach, but I think one quote is illustrative of the "strength" of Hoffman's argument, as she tries to solidify Barack Obama's bona fides as the candidate of choice for the Jews:

At countless lunches at Axelrod’s favorite lunch spot in Hyde Park, Manny’s Deli, Obama had learned to order pastrami with mustard on rye.

That's the general tenor of the article. All broth, no matzoh ball.  But the positive that we can take out of this dreck  comes from the comments following the article -  they run about 4-1 against Obama, and against the entire prenmise of Hoffman's "argument":

This article is an unbelievable insult to the intelligence of American Jews–hell, it’s an insult to the intelligence of any American voter.
All about “emotional identification?” And “schmaltz?” SCHMALTZ?! What’s that supposed to mean? Reciting mangled yiddishisms and scamming the rube(n)s with old borscht belt stories is not going to get the vote.

....And like ALL other Americans, jews are not a single issue group. The economy blows, health care sucks, “education improvements” my tuchus…these are also issues that AMERICANS have with him that jews do too.
And finally, his “outreach” feels very insincere – and somewhat resentful of the fact that it needs to be done at all. Its a “its them not me” attitude that he brings forth..can he not humble himself and admit that he has made some mistakes?

....I voted for Obama in 2008 but will not this year.
Its not just a question of Israel, which his record is dismal. Its a bigger question of confusing friend with foe. The US is in a war against Islamists and if you don’t see that, you need to wake up. Know who your allies are. Know who your enemies are. Do not confuse the two

....So, basically the article says that American Jews are idiots who don’t really understand whats going on. And if they did they would fall into line behind Obama like the Chinese under Mao.

Note how many of the writers above are self-identifying as Americans as much as Jews. Seems to me they are saying that despite the pressures they may be feeling from their leaders (both religious and secular) to toe the liberal party line - as Jews always do - these people see the danger to America - and Israel - as Americans, and will vote that way.

I may wind up being proud of my fellow Jews after all...

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