Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Did Bill Clinton help Jon Corzine Loot MF Global?

I speculated a while back that the Jon Corzine scandal could eventually be the undoing of Barack Obama.  Turns out that Crooked Jon may wind up being the downfall of the Clinton clan as well.

The digging into the rubble of MF Global has only just begun, and what do we find?  Unnecessary  contracts paying inordinate sums to Democratic godfather Bill Clinton:

Even as Jon Corzine’s MF Global was collapsing, a firm that includes former President Bill Clinton in a senior post was raking in huge fees for public-relations and financial advice from the ill-fated brokerage...

Clinton’s office insists the former president did not profit from the relationship between MF Global and Teneo Holdings, where he is chairman of the advisory board. But Teneo...was paid $125,000 a month for at least five months in one of MF’s biggest consulting arrangements, according to sources at the brokerage house.

Campaigning together before Corzine's eventual loss to Chris Christie

The relationship was controversial within MF Global even before the company’s financial problems hit the news as executives questioned why an outside firm was needed for work that had long been done in-house.

Teneo served as a personal p.r. firm and political consultant for then-MF Global CEO Corzine, the former governor and senator from New Jersey. It also offered advice on European financial investments — like the ones that ultimately led to MF’s collapse in October.

Clinton does make money from Teneo, but has declined to disclose the sum.

Corzine and the former president have been close for years. Clinton campaigned for Corzine repeatedly and Corzine, in turn, became the first sitting governor to endorse Hillary Rodham Clinton’s bid for the presidency when she ran in 2008.

Hillary, about to plant a big one on Crooked Jon's dirty beard.  Yuk - like watching blind monkey sex...

So Jon Corzine assumes control over MF Global, and takes a task usually handled internally and assigns it  - at a high cost to his company - to a consulting firm  on which his pal Bill Clinton just happens to be a board member.  Apparently, Clinton's firm made over $750K in a few months to help Jon Corzine's image - fail! -  and to advise him on the very investments that collapsed MF Global.  Uber-fail.

This can't help Bill Clinton's image as the wise, sighing philosopher on the mountain.  It can't help his wife, who is whoring herself out - as well as whaetver values she ever held -  to Barack Obama's radical political whims.  And it can't help young Chelsea Clinton, who will undoubtedly run for office one day.

Sexual harassment and  the treatment of women were a big deal for Democrats in the 90's, and the Clintons got caught in a net of their making.  Fast-forward a decade or so, and here the Clintons are again, trapped again, this time by a Democratic jihad against Wall Street.  Both times, Bill got caught with his hand in the, ahem, "cookie jar", just as the spotlight was shining brightest.

And again, we see Jon Corzine treating private sector money as if it were taxpayer money - that is, as his personal piggy-bank.  And where did this payoff money to Bill Clinton come from - MF Global's personal funds, or their investor's allegedly untouchable cash?  We'll likely never know.

But who else did Corzine lavish his client's money on?  Does it end with Bill Clinton, or will it go all the way up to the White House?

The media will do everything they can to disappear this story, but it may not work.  After all, they have worked in tandem with the Democrats to make Wall Street the scapegoats of the Great Recession.  When The Street starts vomiting up Democrats, does the media expect the people not to notice it?  And will they not notice the rank hypocrisy if the media turns a blind eye?

We've oft warned the president that unleashing a pitchforked mob can have unpredictable effects. So hopefully, he won't be surprised when he sees the torch-lights on Pennsylvania Avenue...


Anonymous said...

MF Global Collapse

Corzine was supposedly paying former president Bill Clinton $50,000 / month
for consulting. My question is: For What?

Does the fact that Bill's wife, Hillary, being the Sect. of State, would be in a position
to know what behind the scenes financial deals were being made to help bail-out the Euro.

Is it possible that Corzine got what he thought was 'insider information' through
Bill... and through Hillary, that he thought he could make a huge profit.

So Corzine takes all the money he can get his hands on and bets it all. The problem is,
he got BAD INFORMATION, and lost his shirt.

So.... was Corzine really paying Bill Clinton for inside information from Hillary Clinton?

Anonymous said...

I would not be surprised to find out that the missing I.2 billion winds up in the coffers of the DNC. Crooked? You be the judge.