Monday, December 12, 2011

Barack Obama on "60 Minutes": How Much Did That Cost You?

I didn't watch the 60 Minutes interview with Barack Obama last night, as I had an interest in keeping my Sunday dinner down.  By all accounts, it was a bizarro report from Candyland - ignorance as the basis of policy, with a side dish of intellectual incoherence.  In other words, a typical Obama interview.

And it appears as if CBS - shocker! -  gave Obama the kid-gloves treatment. Shoot, seems more like they , spoon-fed him, changed his diaper, gave him his pacifier, and patted his bottom until he cooed gently in their arms.  Protein Wisdom:

Q: What do you get when you cross a 60 Minutes reporter with a mime?

A: Steve Kroft, who somehow managed to do an entire interview with the President without speaking — or at least, without speaking about Solyndra, Congressional calls for Attorney General Holder’s impeachment, the MF Global scandal (and in particular, the role played by top Obama fundraiser Jon Corzine), or Elena Kagan’s involvement in the legislative guidance of ObamaCare before her appointment to SCOTUS.

And without a sneer to be seen anywhere in the room.

P-Wisdom doesn't mention - and of course, Kroft would never ask - about that other lingering problem, the national debt, growing every minute, and most often illuminated by a "debt clock" - an ironic piece of imagery, especially as 60 Minutes uses similar visuals as well to label their product.  So while that famous stopwatch was ticking, and Obama was pontificating from Pluto, how much money did this nation lose?

The debt has increased by $48,994.13 a second since Barack Obama became president.

So what did 60 minutes cost you last night, calculating the above number by each tick of CBS's clock? By my math, $176,378,868.00-.

Maybe CBS ought to find some different imagery for their flagship "news" show, at least on evenings where they are interviewing a man who drives us closer and closer to ruin with every tick, every tock, every passing second...

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Alison said...

Ha ha. I got amused by the picture you attached on your post. Obama here is quite funny in pic. :D