Thursday, December 15, 2011

Jon Corzine & Barack Obama: The Video

This is a great web video.  But if  the Republicans really want to make a point about how horrific the economic mindset of the Obama Administration is, and how tightly the President is attached not to Wall Street, but to what criminal elements exist within the Wall Street crowd - this video would be chopped into two :30 second spots, and aired nationally.

It's more than past time to change the conversation.  It is time to direct it.  Hoarding money for the battles of 2012 will be pointless, if we are consistently on the defensive from the preferred Obama/Mainstream Media narratives, and what they want the election to be about ("Income inequality", "spreading the wealth", and character assaults on the Republican nominee).

And if the RNC can't do it, we need to find another organization that can.

It starts here:

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