Friday, December 23, 2011

Hanukkah = Winning?

Love this little post over at Anorak, Britain's best tabloid-esque site.  I never thought of it this way, but then again, every picture tells a story...

For a picture of how life overcomes history, look no further than the image of Rabbi Yehuda Teichtal and Rabbi Segal Shmoel installing a giant Hanukkah Menorah at the Pariser Platz square in front of the Brandenburg Gate in central Berlin. Eight candles that to the Nazis spell out “F*** You!”
But religion is not about vengeance.

It’s about perseverance....

The West comes in for a lot of stick about morals and wrong. But show us another part of the world where expression is tolerated and enjoyed... This is what “winning” looks like

Awesome.  But the victory may proved to be short lived, as an antisemitic American president joins forces with an EU that, while increasingly tightening its grip on the neck of the Continent, still allows their subjects one object on which to focus their scorn and hatred:

...the EU has done nothing to diminish the Judeophobia which led to the Holocaust in Europe. Indeed, the obsessional malice towards Israel has provided cover for a resurgence of the oldest hatred within the graveyard of European Jewry. As Giulio Meotti reports, Jews are being expelled from academia across Europe.

Will the menorah at Brandenburg enlighten the barbarians, or enrage them? We'll know soon enough, I suppose...

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