Monday, June 06, 2011

Why is Michelle Obama's Ass Getting Fatter and Fatter?

Is it just me, or does her newfangled "Diet for Prosperity" make all your weight travel to your bum?

Unless, of course, she's just being a sanctimonious liberal hypocrite, ordering beet salads for us while she wolfs down the corn dogs.

This photo is from January 2010:

This one taken more recently, say May 2011:

Seems like someone has added a significant amount of junk to the trunk, while trying to force us to maintain the "North Korean Diet".  More food for her, perhaps?

But before you throw this modern-day Marie Antoinette ("let me eat cake!") into the fat farm, let's remember what an amazingly awesome and super-special woman she is.  Why, just ask Newsweek, who slobbers all over her (the way she does over Big Mac) in their most recent pamphlet - sorry, magazine:

Michelle Obama laid down her markers quickly and in a way that has set Washington back on its heels.... What the chattering class has missed is that Michelle Obama, in an understated way, has in fact been transforming the job—but on her own terms.

She must once again find her footing in the part of the job she hates the most—campaigning—but one she happens to excel at. “She has always been remarkably effective because no matter where you live or where you come from, you can relate to her,” says White House official Stephanie Cutter, who worked closely with Michelle in 2008. “She conveys the same set of values and experiences families all over the country live by.”

Hmmm...perhaps. But if so, why not admit you're a fat tub of lard who loves fried food and ice cream? Since, according to you, all Americans are obese lazy bastards anyway, won't we all relate better?

Who knows - maybe Barack has simply dfigured out what many men have known for years -  the bigger the cushion, the sweeter the pushing:

" about mud flaps, my girl's got 'em!"

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