Sunday, June 05, 2011

Obama, Embarrassed To Be Seen With Dirty Jews, Censors Videos...

Past is prologue, as they say.  From March of 2010, in one of the Coyote's many failed attempts to eat the Road Runner:

Obama Will Not Take Any Photos with Bibi

Chuck Todd just said that Netanyahu is in the U.S. and will be at the White House, but Obama will not take any photos with him or let any press get any photos of them together.

Just part of his unhealthy fixation with Benjamin Netanyahu?  More likely part of his unhealthy distaste for anything Jew-related.  This tale should be shocking, but alas, it is not:

Mysteriously, the Office of the President has requested that a video of a Jewish singing group performing at the White House be removed from the web. reports:, in the Featured Video section, recently presented a video of the famed Maccabetas singing group performing for President Barack Obama at a reception in the White House in honor of American Jewish Heritage Month, the month of May

As part of the entertainment at the event, the Maccabeats were invited to sing several songs. They also did an impromptu acapella chant, with beautiful harmonies, of "Four More Years," which was the video posted on

The Office of the President, however, has asked that the video be removed from the internet and has acceded to that request.

It is not clear, though, why the Office of the President found the harmless, innocuous video of the Jewish acapella choir performing to President Obama's applause problematic.

Mordy Prus, a baritone with The Maccabeats, told that following the President's request, the group removed the video from Youtube. They then asked, which had hosted by the video on its own server, to remove it as well.

Disturbing beyond words. Obama wants no evidence available anywhere of any interaction of himself with Jews, even when they are literally singing his praises.

Is this Obama's way of appeasing the anti-Semitism that runs rampant through the Muslim world? Or is it a reflection of his own sentiment as well?

Explains a lot, actually. Also explains why I feel sick every time I see this man's ugly visage grace my screen.

One can say with certainty, though, that Barack Obama does represent the current liberal Democrat ethos, 100%.

I think, once we rid ourselves of this poisonous president, a lot more on Obama's "Jewish problem" will be revealed. And his erstwhile supporters will claim no, they never guessed it or still can't believe it.

They should be held to account as well...

Incidentally, here's a video by the Maccabeats. I'm sorry, by the filthy Jew Maccabeats. Can't you just see the evil ooze from their pores?

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Jim - PRS said...

I can't understand why acceded to the White House's "request." I wonder if it comes from the same mysterious place that motivates so many Jews to support democrats in general and The One in particular, despite the crap that The One has been sending their way.