Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Michelle Obama as Pinocchio: The more she lies, the fatter her ass gets?

....let's hope her taxpayer-financed jet has got some double-wide seating, because....

Michelle Marie Antoinette Obama, at a $1K/plate fundraiser in lovely Pasadena:

First lady Michelle Obama on Monday told a fundraiser in Southern California of the toll the presidency has taken on her husband Barack Obama.

"I see the sadness and worry that's creasing his face," she said to a crowd of about 500 at the Pasadena luncheon organized by the Southern California Women For Obama. She described his worth ethic as “tireless,” according to pool reports.

"He reads every word, every memo, so he is better prepared than the people briefing him," she said. "This man doesn't take a day off."

Really? It seems to me the only thing Obama is worried about is picking up his game on the back nine. Dateline June 12th:

I know this will be surprising to everyone, but the president has gone golfing.

Having obviously had enough of the solitude of Camp David, where he and the family were making a rare weekend sojourn, the president choppered early this morning directly to Andrews and headed straight to the Air Force base golf course. Not clear whether Michelle in the girls are still at Camp David or if they’ve returned to the White House.

Today makes 11 weekends in a row that Obama has gone golfing. It’s his 14th outing this year and the 72nd of his presidency.

Doesn't seem too worried here either, as he jokes about wasting $1 trillion dollars worth of stimulus money:

Oh, that Michelle is one lying beeyotch, that's for sure.  And if you think her ass is big here, wait until six months on the campaign trail have passed -  days filled with lies, and nights filled with champagne and lobster:

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