Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Count Out Sarah Palin? Are You F**King Kidding?

She's America's #1 biker chick, and bad-ass to the bone.  The LA Times - of all places - reminds us with a cursery reading of her resume how dangerous it is to underestimate Sarah Palin:

Who'd have thought going in that a Wasilla city councilwoman would become mayor? Or make such a stir on the oil and gas commission? Or challenge an entrenched aged state Republican establishment and its incumbent governor? And actually win that primary?

And then in the general, defeat a better-known Democrat trying to return to the governor's office? And remember too when Palin's surprise gubernatorial resignation halfway through the first term terminated, according to the media, any chance that she'd have any role in American politics ever again?

Yeah, I remember that. Read the LA Times story, and see how that very same media chases this non-candidate around the country like a pack of hungry dogs, who - when denied a meal - yelp, bark, bite their own fur, and growl at each other. Classic.

Ricochet runs this photo of Sarah with some interesting commentary:

This isn't a dopey Michael Dukakis in a tank moment. Far from it. She looks relaxed, and happy to be among a group of big beefy biker veterans. These guys served our nation in uniform and now many of them also volunteer as members of the Patriot Guard, lining the route of funeral processions and protecting grieving families from the hideous Westboro Baptist types....It's comforting somehow to see Palin spending time with these folks and apparently enjoying it. This sort of connection is a direct repudiation of Barack Obama's denigration of these people as being bitter and clinging to their guns and religion, etc....

Should Palin run, who will connect better with the electorate - Professor Barack Hussein Obama, who tells folks who complain about high gas prices to go buy a new car, or Ms. Palin, who sneers at the very same liberal elite who sneer at the American people? (again, read that LA Times story!). Will they vote for Mr. federally-regulated bicycle safety helmet, or the conservative Easy Rider?

Think about the American charachter, and then you tell me:

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