Thursday, June 02, 2011

Americans ARE Getting Smarter: More Of Us Are Now Republicans Than Democrats

According to Ben Shaprio in his new book, Primetime Propaganda, Susan Harris, creator of TV's "Soap" and "Golden Girls", said the following:

"At least, you know, we put Obama in office, and so people, I think, are getting – have gotten – a little bit smarter.”

People are getting - have gotten - a little bit smarter, Susan.  You see, according to Rasmussen:

A Rasmussen poll released yesterday shows that 35.6 percent of Americans are now Republicans, compared to 34.0 percent who are Democrats. That’s a higher tally for Republicans, and the widest margin between the two parties, than at any time since the GOP took control of the House in January. A year ago, only 32.0 percent of Americans were Republicans, while 35.1 percent were Democrats. So that’s a swing of 4.7 percentage points — from a 3.1-point Democratic advantage to a 1.6-point Republican advantage — in the past year. 

The current figure of 34.0 percent Democrats marks the 3rd-lowest tally for the party in the past seven years. When Obama was elected in November of 2008, 41.4 percent of Americans were Democrats, and only 33.8 percent were Republicans — a slightly larger margin (7.6 percent) than Obama’s margin over John McCain in the popular vote (7.3 percent). Party allegiance has since swung 9.2 points toward the GOP...

Remember this, the next time the media puts out a poll screaming about Obama's sky-high approval numbers.  Do you recall the AP poll, taken only a few weeks ago, that showed Obama with a 60% approval rating?  That sample had 46% identifying as a Democrat or leaning Democrat, and only 29% identified as Republican or leaning Republican.

Subtract 26% of the Democratic sample (that's the percentage you would need to get to 34%) and add 23% to the Republican total, and that 60% approval rating becomes....a number that likely made the AP sh*t their panties.

Oh, Susan, we've gotten a lot smarter, a lot smarter indeed.  And I'm afraid this will greatly work to the detriment the media, your precious president, and the liberal agenda you work so hard to push in Hollywood...

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