Friday, June 17, 2011

"Weiner Yanks Himself..."

One of many headlines and stories in the New York Post bashing disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner, who did no help to his cause yesterday with his self-serving, high-handed resignation.  A few choice morsels...

From an editorial:

Graceless to the end one who has watched Weiner over the years should have been surprised.

From the start, Anthony Weiner was self-obsessed, arrogant and self-righteous; his frequent public temper tantrums, including on the floor of Congress, were the stuff of YouTube legend.

True enough, the notoriety helped him get girls (online, anyway). But it takes a special kind of weird for him to have thought he could get away with it all.

Now Weiner says he'll be "looking for other ways to contribute my talents."

Spare us....

Michael Goodwin:

Now we know why he found it so easy to lie to the cameras and his wife for most of the last three weeks. He's still lying to himself about the depths of his depravity...

It's easy to see why nobody in Congress would rise to his defense. He is the kind of man about whom it is said that even his friends don't like him.

He is dishonorable by every definition, yet refuses to accept that truth in his own head. Weiner is a weasel even to himself.

...A strident, arrogant partisan, he was all about scoring political points to advance his career. His is the kind of ruthless ambition that gives ambition a bad name.

Did he ever believe in anything other than his own career?

Finally, John Podhoretz, who points out a final, revolting dodge by Dick Weiner:

Having spent days insulting those who sought only the truth, having lied in the most blatant manner and having instructed others to lie for him, Weiner then had the astonishing lack of grace to stand before the world and thank his parents for "instilling in me the values that got me to this point."

That choice of words -- which seems nice at first glance but which, in effect, unconsciously puts the blame for his behavior on his own mother and father -- may represent the most disgusting thing he's done so far....

Maybe.  But - based on the fact that he's still placing blame, taking responsibility verbally while denying it with his smirks and sneers - I think Weiner has yet to hit rock bottom.

Unfortunately, I expect to see his unsightly bulge once again on a Twitter feed near you...

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