Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Mainstream Media: Modern-Day Barbarians?

Posted, a few days ago:

....This is perennially the work of the barbarian, to undermine rational standards of judgment, to corrupt the inherited intuitive wisdom by which the people have always lived and to do this not by spreading new beliefs but by creating a climate of doubt and bewilderment in which clarity about the larger aims of life is dimmed and the self-confidence of the people is destroyed so that finally what you have is an impotent nihilism.

I buy into the above statement 100%.

So when I see headlines like these (why does the marketplace need the AOL-Huffington Post merger when it already has Yahoo! News?), I get a pretty good idea exactly who those barbarians are:

Are Republicans Intentionally Sabotaging Economy For Political Gain?

And when the 2012 election - shaping up to be one of the ugliest in modern history - is over, and the dust clears, I fully expect the MSM to be found lying in a drainage ditch on the side of the information superhighway, barely breathing, and yet barely noticed.

They'll be missed as much as the Romans missed the Huns...

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