Wednesday, June 15, 2011

John Edwards Mug Shots: Still Smug, Smirking, and Self-Satisfied

Via CNN:

Former U.S. Senator John Edwards, pleaded not guilty to conspiracy and campaign law violations in early June. His mug shot was released by the U.S. Marshals Service Wednesday.

The plea came after a federal grand jury indicted him on six counts, including conspiracy, issuing false statements and violating campaign contribution laws.


No threat intended, of course, but have you ever seen a face you wanted to punch more than this one? Cheating on his dying wife, while simultaneously using her as a prop to further his quest for power.  The guy makes Anthony Weiner look like a paragon of virtue...
Maybe it's just me.  Still, I am reminded of the words of one Momar "Moe" Szyslak to  Principal Seymour Skinner:

Moe: You know, you really irritate me, Skinner, what with your store-bought haircut and excellent posture.
Pimply-faced teen: Mister, I can't stand the sound of your voice!
Moe: Oh, really?
Hibbert: Oh, now, now: there's no need to resort to violence.
Moe: Oh, sure there is! [throws punch]

Oh, Moe, I know how you feel....

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