Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sarah Palin Loves The Jews More Than The Jews Love Themselves

I happened to see this picture in the elevator today, as Captivate was using it to illustrate a "Sarah Palin Goes To Iowa" headline.  It appears to be a few weeks old, but it is interesting nevertheless:

Yeah, that's a big honking Star of David around her neck.  How many other presidential candidates (or non-candidate political figures) will be seen showing that type of solidarity with the Jewish people?  Even better - how many Jews these days display their own heritage so proudly?  I can tell you, even living and working in the heart of American Jew-dom, I can say...very, very few.

Were it any other type of religious or ethnic symbol, that group would swoon, and even if they did not support her political positions, would openly appreciate the show of respect and love.

Not us Jews, though.  We are too damn smart.  You see, we know someone who loves us so must be not just firmly rejected, but hated, with an outspoken vigor to match that of the most liberal Democrat and/or anti-Semite (as if there is a difference).

Jennifer Rubin, in her waning days at Commentary back in early  2010, wrote at length about the Palin/Jew disconnect:  Some highlights:

For her detractors, both conservative and liberal, she is uncouth, unschooled, a hick, anti-science and anti-intellectual, an upstart, and a religious fanatic. There is no group so firmly in the latter camp as American Jews....

Palin calls herself a “hockey mom” and brags aloud about the athletic prowess of her children, while Jews are more likely to sport “My child Is an Honor Student” bumper stickers. Palin’s oldest, Track, has joined the military, while many Jews lack a family military tradition. Not for the Palins the quiet pride in good grades and good boards; the family’s esteem is tied up more in Sarah’s husband Todd Palin’s “iron dog” snowmobile racing skills.

And, of course, there is Palin’s youngest. Pro-life Americans saw Palin’s son Trig, born with Down syndrome in April 2008, as an affirmation of Palin’s deeply held beliefs, a rare instance in which a politician did more than mouth platitudes about a “culture of life.” But in affluent communities with large Jewish populations, Down-syndrome children are now largely absent due to the widespread use of diagnostic testing and “genetics counseling.” Trig was not a selling point with many Jewish women who couldn’t imagine making a similar choice—indeed, many have, in fact, made the opposite one.

And there is the matter of social class. As she recounts in Going Rogue, Palin and her husband had labored at jobs most professional and upper-middle-class Jews would never dream of holding—waitressing, picking “strawberries in the mud and mosquitoes?.?.?.?for five cents flat,” sweeping parking lots, and many “messy, obscure seafood jobs, including long shifts on a stinky shore-based crab-processing vessel.” Her populist appeal and identification with working-class voters are rooted in a life experience that is removed by one or two generations from the lives of most American Jews. Her life is what they were expected to rise above....

But despite Sarah's own "disconnect" from Jewish life, and the land of Israel, she staunchly supports them both, because it is the right thing to do -  the Jews are in danger of being engulfed in a virulent anti-Semitism like nothing seen since the 1930's, and that same perfect storm is hell-bent on handing over Israel to barbarians who have vowed to push every last Jewish man, women, and child into the sea.

The Jews are in a foxhole right now, even though we delude ourselves, like we did in the 1930's, that it is all just talk, that nothing will come of it, even as our hero Barack Hussein Obama demands that we start their negotiations with the Palestinians with their heels in the Mediterranean.

And when a voice rises in the wilderness to defend us, we spit in her general direction, because she is so dissimilar to us, and we can't be troubled to take the time to think thru the differences. Better to be in the foxhole to face the charging hordes alone. Better to react with hatred, so that Palin's enemies - and they are legion - perhaps will see that the Jews are on their side after all!  Too bad, of course, that the mass of the Palin-haters could also slide easily into the Jew-haters camp without even a change of their hats...

And what the Jews don't realize is that when others see us ripping one of our staunchest defenders, it inhibits them from defending us, silencing perhaps astute voices that might rise to our cause. And it gives courage to our enemies, when they see that we are as willing to be led to our own self-immolation as they are to lead us there.  How can one argue that Jews deserve to live in peace when we fight to silence the voices that speak for us the loudest?

Should there be a Second Holocaust - and that's a 50/50 proposition at least, if not better - Jews cannot wail to the sky and ask why God has brought such vengeance upon them.

By siding with their enemies, they have brought it upon themselves.

And for the critics calling Sarah Palin a suck-up and a show-off, be aware that this is not the first time she's worn the Star of David proudly:

She's with us.  Are we?


Anita Miller said...

Really wonderful article on a remarkably faithful, decent, patriotic woman, who never deserved the left's (and some on the right) contempt. Wish she would run, and pray she would win the Presidency of the greatest country in the world..

The JerseyNut said...

Thank you!

I love Sarah as well (which I suppose is obvious); which make me, alas, a pariah within my community.

Something Ms. Palin might sympathize with...!

Rob said...

Well done, Jersey Nut. Great piece.

I disagree with only one thing. The likelihood of another Shoah is not anywhere near 50%,because there's a strong and powerful Israel as a defender and refuge. This time, the Jews are armed.

So of course, Lefty Jews are doing there very best to ally with those that would destroy that, clueless to how it would ultimately affect them.

Just FYI, Governor Palin's philosemitism and pro-Israel stance happened long before she went national...and I have that directly from the mouth of the Chabad Rabbi in Anchorage. She made a point of showing up for things like Hannukia lightings, Israeli Independence Day, etc. And Alaska's Jewish community is not exactly huge, either, to say the least.

Michele Bachmann's creds as a member of the Zionist conspiracy are at least as good - she actually worked on a kibbutz in Israel in her youth and has a solid record of pro-Israel votes in Congress.

Rob Miller @ Joshuapundit

louielouie said...

She's with us. Are we?

sometimes, the simplest words are the most eloquent.

Bill589 said...

Since I can remember, my large extended Christian family prayed for presidents, especially the bad ones because they needed it more, our blessed country, and Israel.

Standing with Israel appears to be a common Christian thing to do.