Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bloomberg's Ground Zero Museum: For The Rich Only

At this rate, the only folks that will be able to get into the Ground Zero museum are the monied liberal elite, who will cluck their tongues at how horrible this "tragedy" was, and speak loudly of how it all could have been averted if we had only been nicer to the Islamic world. Or had just given them that pesky little Jewish state.

This memorial will be for rich folks only. And apparently, that's the way Mike Bloomberg wants it:

Mayor Bloomberg didn't waste any time endorsing a hefty admission fee for the over-designed 9/11 museum at Ground Zero.

"Well, the money's got to come from someplace," the mayor shrugged on his weekly radio interview.

Joe Daniels, president of the museum's operating foundation, told the City Council he needs to charge up to $25 per person as a "suggested donation," or a flat $20 mandatory admission fee, to "generate revenue in line with other world-class museums."

Well, the "world-class" part remains to be seen.

And, even so, it's a grotesque fee for a facility meant to note the thousands of lives lost in the 9/11 sneak attack.

To Bloomberg, on the other hand, the museum is little more than just another New York tourist attraction.

"Given people pay 12, 15 bucks to go to the movies," he argued, "if you have a nominal charge that helps pay the bills, I certainly have no objections to that."

And proving that Bloomberg's first instinct is to think like a billionaire philanthropist, he suggested that "people that gave all that money" -- $400 million that's been raised privately -- "I think you can certainly say maybe they should be able to get in for nothing."

"Maybe [you] can make the case for [9/11 victim] family members," he added.

So $25- a head, or $100- for a family of four, is a "nominal" fee to Mike Bloomberg. Wonder how nominal it is to his constituents?

Don't worry, though - if you've already spent a million or two on this museum, Bloomie will let you in for free. And if you had a family member killed in the 9/11 attacks? "Maybe" the Mayor will give you a discount know, half-off for your loss, or something....

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