Thursday, June 02, 2011

NBC Goes "All-In" With Liberalism; Hires Hated ex-NPR CEO Vivian Shiller

Gee, what a surprise. NBC - owned by the non-tax-paying, government suckling GE, whose CEO Jeffery Immelt is Obama's butt-buddy as well as his "chairman of economic advisors" - has hired possibly the most liberally-biased executive in the media business, Vivian Schiller, to a position within their news department:

Former National Public Radio head Vivian Schiller, who left her last job under a political cloud, looks to have found a new position. She’s in talks to work at NBC News, where she’ll oversee digital projects.

People familiar with the company say Schiller, who once ran the New York Times’ Web site, will report to NBC News chief Steve Capus. Both Schiller and NBC declined to comment.

You remember Schiller, right? The women who, as CEO of NPR, fired Juan Williams for appearing on FOX news and followed up by saying he should have kept his feeling about Muslims between himself and "his psychiatrist or his publicist"? The women who oversaw fundraising by folks such as NPR senior executives Ron Schiller and Betsy Liley, who met with whom they believed were radical Muslims, and proceeded to bash conservatives, Tea Partiers, Republicans, and Israel in an attempt to be rewarded with dirty donations for their boss?

Yeah, you remember her. Well, now she's going to work for NBC, spewing out her leftist garbage to her largest audiences ever.

I suppose this shouldn't be a surprise move for Vivian; after all, sher is going from the New York Times to NPR to NBC - parent of the hateful MSNBC, and as we mentioned above, intricately connected to the Obama administration. For Vivian, it's a liberal trifecta. What is surprising is that NBC is being so blatant in its hiring of a high-profile, avowed, outspoken leftist to work within their news department. One would think they would at least want to retain at least a pretense of objectivity while working on fantasy-based hit pieces about whomever the presumptive Republican nominee might be.

I guess they've decided to go "all-in" with liberalism and the Obama agenda; again, not surprising in an age of crony capitalism where their parent company lives off taxpayers funding and the CEO is in bed with the president. One might wonder, however, what might become of NBC (NPR's Barack Channel?) if the public turns even more fully against Barack Obama, and sees NBC as an enabler for his mischief.

Going "all-in" is always risky. Seems to me, though as if NBC is doing it with a pair of deuces...

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Jim - PRS said...

She'll fit right in with the leftist clowns at NBC.