Sunday, June 05, 2011

Obama Blames US Economic Woes on Our European and Asian Allies

I'm waiting for the New York Times to call this "A show of strong leadership":

Obama Blames Europe, Japan for US Economic Woes

President Obama is pointing to problems in Japan and Europe as challenges for the U.S. economy, placing some blame on events abroad for a domestic recovery that is showing signs of slowing down.
"....we're facing some tough head winds," he said.

"Lately, it's high gas prices, the earthquake in Japan, and unease about the European fiscal situation. That will happen from time to time. There will be bumps on the road to recovery."

Because the program is sound - don't I ever hear you question the program!! - it must be sinister outside forces that are causing the moribund US economy to go flatline.

At what point will he start blaming the Jews? It is, after all, a great liberal tradition...

Reuters claims that this finger-pointing will be a key part of his re-election strategy:

... part of his pitch will include steering attention to outside forces as causes for economic woes at home.

Again, a great socialist tradition.  Not sure, however, if our allies in Europe and Asia (and aren't they the very ones that Obama promised to strengthen ties with?) will be all that pleased at being scapegoated for Barack Obama economic illiteracy. And unlike Republicans, whose tongues must be controlled in the name of domestic politics and a vicious media, the Europeans will likely make their displeasure known quite freely, well aware of Obama's current political weakness.

And given the fact that they likely have more power to effect events in the United States than the Republican party does, Obama will soon find out that his childish, churlish remarks will have consequences.

And alas, we will all pay for his foolishness..

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