Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Weiner's District Gets The Willies From Their Randy Representative

Turns out his constituents were paying him to whack off to barely-legal cuties on taxpayer time.  And guess what?  They're a bit pissed off:

"He's a pig," said Danielle Cione, 35, a teacher who succinctly summed up the feelings of many of Weiner's former supporters.

"Yuck!" said Rae Sankar, a Kew Gardens Democrat who has voted for Weiner in the past.

"It is so disgusting how he would say and do such things like that to women. It's so disrespectful and gross."

..."He didn't come across as sincere at all. I just didn't buy it," said Gladys Staats, 76. She's voted for Weiner before -- but said she never will again.

...."Those little girls are my daughter's age," said Sean Stephans, 41, who had voted for Weiner repeatedly.

And Weiner's comments about Jewish women and oral sex certainly alienated one part of his district:

"It was so uncalled for and wrong for him to say," said Leo Morales, 37, of Kew Gardens. "He behaved as if he doesn't have Jewish voters to respect come Election Day. I wish he had just admitted to everything earlier and not be a coward about it."

 Lisa Weiss: Sexually Stereotyped!

Weiner may not resign, but he has as much staying power as a limp dick at a bachelorette party. Either his seat will be redistricted out, or his constituents will do it for him:

Because of stagnant population growth in the most recent census, New York will lose two of its 29 seats in the House of Representatives through the reapportionment process that will precede the 2012 elections....

Weiner’s district clocks in at D+5 in the Cook Partisan Index, which actually makes it the city’s second least Democratic district (after the Staten Island-based 13th District, which is now held by a Republican. Moreover, Weiner’s district is actually trending away from his party. No district in the nation swung more from Democrat to Republican between 2000 and 2004 -- a whopping 25 percent in the wake of 9/11 -- and Barack Obama actually did worse in there than John Kerry. Given his problems, it’s not inconceivable that Republicans could wage a serious campaign against Weiner next year....

Finally - and only marginally related - check out how two different New York newspapers reported Weiner's sordid confessions:

The New York Post: Erections have consequences
The New York Times: NYT NEWS ALERT: Representative Anthony D. Weiner Acknowledges Communication With Women Online

"Communication with Women Online"? Must be from he same NewSpeak dictionary where the Obama administration came up with the phrase "kinetic military action" to describe the war we are waging in Libya...

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