Saturday, April 23, 2011

Why I stopped reading the New York Daily News...

Sorry about the less-than-stellar screenshot...this is from their home page, see the highlighted area below:

Because life is so much better now, with $5+/gallon gas, exponentially expanding food prices, an impotent job market and a debt load which is making ratings agencies quake.

But hey - remember those few months that the Dow slid under the Bush Administration? Sure, it was at the very end of his 8-year run, and sure, we were facing an unprecedented financial crisis, and sure, it looked (properly) to the markets that a radical socialist was going to take the helm of the United States, but hey - none of that is significant!

All that you need to know is...that it was George W. Bush's fault!

Reminds me of the recent Wonkette scandal...the fact that something this unbelievably stupid made it into the headline of a major metropolitan daily speaks more to the cocoon in which the editors who passed this live in, than the sheer malice of the unoriginal headline writer him/herself.

I gave up on this paper a while back, when they made America's worst sportswriter, Mike Lupica, into a feature columnist. It's why the Wall Street Journal and the New York Post are doing to the New York newspaper competition what FOX News is doing to their cable challengers...

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