Thursday, April 07, 2011

Hillary Clinton Pal Way Too Important To Be Stuck In a Jury Room!

What? A nauseating, smug, self-important Democratic fundraiser thinks she's better than the rest of us? I'm shocked!

A screaming, name-dropping juror with ties to Hillary Rodham Clinton nearly brought deliberations to a halt in the Robert De Niro art-heist trial, threatening to storm out -- and claiming that 20 million Afghan refugees needed her to return to Washington, a fellow panelist said yesterday.

Juror Stanley Cohen insists that for four days, he tried to convict art-gallery director Leigh Morse of grand larceny on charges she pocketed the $77,000 sale proceeds of two works by the late noted abstract painter Robert De Niro Sr., whose estate was managed by his "Meet the Fockers" star son.

White, he claimed, was in such a rush to get out that she invoked Clinton's name and pompously boasted about her own importance in restoring world order. "She bragged about knowing Hillary Clinton," Cohen griped. "She kept saying that 20 million people are in trouble in Afghanistan because she was here."

White threatened to bolt from the jury and screamed at him that he was a "child" for disagreeing, claimed Cohen, 57, of Morningside Heights.

White -- a former Democratic Party national finance chair who was also a co-finance chair for Clinton's 2008 presidential bid -- conceded yesterday that she lost her patience, complained that she needed to get back to the refugees and called Cohen a "child" in the heat of deliberations.

White's husband, Rattner, led President Obama's restructuring of the auto industry and also served as an investment adviser to Mayor Bloomberg. He ended up settling a civil suit from the state for $16.2 million over his role in a pay-to-play scandal....

Isn't it grand? This leftist swell is too important to actually do her civil duty and, you know, deliberate the case at hand. No, because without her healing hand, 20 million Afghanis are lost, utterly and totally lost... And besides - the defendant was a De Niro, a liberal family of good standing. Everyone knows the law doesn't apply to them. Or Ms. White's husband, who botched the bailout and narrowly averted a ruinous lawsuit in a case where others were sent off to jail.

And these are the folks who want to run your life. And they will, if we keep voting Democratic....

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Conservative Libertine said...

paying their taxes is also for the little people.

Geitner, Rangle, .....