Sunday, April 17, 2011

Oh, Canada! Female Engineering Student Suspended For Wearing A Bikini ? to a car she helped build herself ??? Wow, Canada became a Muslim theocracy so gradually that I never even noticed. How else can you explain this bit of sheer stupidity? Via Five Feet of Fury:

The University of Waterloo has temporarily shut down a team of students who are building a racing car, after one of the women on the team was photographed posing beside the car, in a bikini and high heels.

The decision means that students on the Formula SAE team will not be able to enter the car, which they designed and built themselves, in an international contest being held in Michigan in May.

The suspension is until June 1 and “results from misuse of the student design centre space for an unauthorized photo shoot involving the Formula SAE vehicle,” said the dean of engineering, Adel Sedra....

Because a women's body is beautiful, unless someone is offended by it, in which case it should be covered (by a burkah?). Because we must work to make sure a women maintains her self-esteem in our patriarchal society, but we must punish them for displaying said self-esteem. Most importantly of all, we must encourage women to work and study in the sciences, yet make sure they simultaneously subjugate their femininity to it, because feats of engineering and beautiful women do not mesh.

Isn't liberal social theory confusing?

Now in America, we love our women. We love our cars. And we love women who love being women and who love their cars - take Danika Patrick, for instance:

Or Megan Fox:

Or any of these other red, white and blue lovelies who know one equation that Canadian engineering deans have not yet figured out: Hot women + "hot rods" are potentially explosive, but never combust, they simply simmer at a high level of heat...

Of course, one must wonder if our Canadian engineering deans would deem as "unfit" RS McCain's famous theory known as Rule 5? Most likely, they would cover their eyes and shriek with horror...before opening each and every link after they are sure that their were no prying eyes to interrupt their "studies..."

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