Friday, April 29, 2011

Allen West Knows Why He's In The "Crosshairs"...

...hey, don't blame me.  That's the New York Times talking, not me.  Guessed they missed their own memo.

Congressman West knows why he, more than any freshman Representative from the class of 2010, must be defeated at all costs:

...Mr. West’s place in the Democratic crosshairs stems, he said, from the fact “that I scare the liberal establishment.”

“You’re looking at a black man who was brought up in the inner cities, career military, a conservative, married going on 22 two years, two beautiful daughters, and for whatever reason that really does scare them,” he said. “My theory is that for whatever reason I could cause others like me to reject these liberal social-welfare policies.”

His theory is spot-on.  If other minorities see that you can flee the Democrat's plantation and survive, even thrive, hell, they might do the same thing.  And without that constituency, the Democrats are out of business, now and forever.

So they do to West what any plantation boss would to an escaped slave: Mock him, deride him, but secretly hate him, and work tirelessly to either bring him back in chains, or bring him back dead, so that the message gets thru loud and clear to any other would-be defectors....

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