Monday, April 11, 2011

Barack Obama: Deficit Hawk? Or Pathetic Poseur?

Were this the 80's, I would simply say, "NOT!"

Today, I suppose, the girls would say, "Really, Barack? C'mon....really?"

You know someone told Barack Obama he'd better act like he's serious about cutting the deficit, since he's now going to... deliver a speech about it. This Wednesday. Which has not worked out too well for him lately. And being that our insensitive Clod-in Chief will be disrupting American Idol and Dancing with the Stars in order to once again display his self-importance, I can't imagine American voters (especially those of the female variety) will be much disposed to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Especially when his plan for deficit reduction is right out of the socialist play book, a manual that got him by for the first six-odd months in office but has failed him and pissed off Americans ever since. From the New York Times, which graces the story with a gratuitous photo of Obama being mobbed by his last fifteen fans:

In a speech to be delivered at a university here on Wednesday, Mr. Obama will in effect come off the sidelines on the debate over reducing the nation’s debt, which is reaching dangerous heights as the population ages.

After months of criticism that he has not led on budget talks, Mr. Obama will urge bipartisan negotiations toward a multiyear debt-reduction plan tha

t administration officials said would depart sharply from the one proposed last week by House Republicans.

The Republican plan includes a shrinking of Medicare and Medicaid and trillions of dollars in tax cuts, while sparing defense spending. Mr. Obama, by contrast, envisions a more comprehensive plan that would include tax increases for the richest taxpayers, cuts to military spending, savings in Medicare and Medicaid, and unspecified changes to Social Security.

Tax increases and a weakened military? Just what every American has been clamoring for! And "savings" in Medicare & Medicaid? No doubt similar to the health care "savings" he projected in Obamacare, which creates a mere trillion-dollar hole all by itself within the deficit. And that's just over the first ten years, where we get taxed for a decade but get services for only six years. And after that? We get "saved" into bankruptcy....

And you'd better bet those changes to Social Security will remain unspecified, or it will be a promise of simply more benefits - in the future, of course - to be paid for increases today.

You know what '80's phrase describes Obama perfectly? "Posuer." If I may:

Poseur is a pejorative term, often used in the punk, heavy metal, hip hop and goth subcultures to describe a person who adopts the dress, speech, and/or mannerisms of a group or subculture, generally for attaining acceptability within the group or for popularity among various other groups, yet who is deemed to not share or understand the values or philosophy of the subculture.

Except tax-cutting and deficit reduction are no longer part of the conservative "subculture", it has gone seriously mainstream. Perhaps this definition of "Poseur" fits better:

One who groups him or her self in a particular social clique in order to appear trendy or "edgy" but doesn't believe in the principals held by said clique and is only leeching onto it in order to avoid the social ridicule of not being part of a clique. A poseur will probably change their "style" once every 6 months, possibly more.

The common thread is insecurity- the insecurity to be yourself and be happy with it. Poseurs are the kinds of people who only appear "cool" to people who are just as insecure as they are. But no one ever found success lying to themselves for acceptance.

Yeah, that's the ticket...

Usually, poseurs were easily pinned out, and roundly mocked, for their insincerity and cluelessness. Expect Obama to experience the same, by, oh...Thursday morning, latest.

Which which certainly be graded, 2011-style, as a "fail". Possibly an "epic" one at that...


Wesley 'Whitey Lawful' Mcgranor said...

Nitro Rocks

The JerseyNut said...

Good catch!
Hopefully I didn't do them a disservice by using them as the epitome of "poseurs"....

Conservative Libertine said...

Great post.

I don't think we have to wait for Thursday though.

Being called out by Paul Krugman, is like being called a Poseur by Joe Keithley.

Conservative Libertine