Friday, April 08, 2011

Prosser Defeats Kloppenberg: The Left Dies, While The Media Lies...

And when all is said and done, it wasn't even that close, as it looks like Prosser will win by a margin so large (7,000+) that their will be no recount. What does this say about the regard that liberalism, and public unions, are held within the body politic? Here's what I said when Kloppenberg looked like a winner:

With all of the screaming done by the Left, all of the support given by the media to their cause, all the money poured into the election by the unions, the best their candidate can do is hope to cheat their way in at the last minute. And this is in a state that is traditionally liberal...

What does that say about the level of attention the people of Wisconsin are paying to the issues at hand, as opposed to the noise machines around them? Barack Obama is attempting to raise $1 billion dollars (cue Dr. Evil) for his 2012 re-election effort. If an underfunded, obscure Republican judge can hold his own against violent leftist protests, biased media, and a ton of union cash, does it really matter how much money Obama spends in 2012?

Ace points out that if you - like most of us - weren't actually in Wisconsin, and you got your reporting from the media, you would have expected the ass-kicking to go the other way:

Even if it had been an even split -- what the hell? We heard for weeks about how outraged the left was, how animated.

Because I still get my news, even second-hand, from the media, I got the impression the left was roaring back.

But they never bothered to report how animated the right still was, huh? They sort of wishcasted that all away, huh?

So, at the end of the day, in an election the left poured money and energy in to, and had the media faithfully singing from their hymnals... we won.

In Wisconsin...

And no doubt this entire crucial election, one that the entire nation was watching, one that would show the Republicans they couldn't "step on the little guy", will now be flushed down the memory hole as just some meaningless local election in Oshkosh (or Waukesha - it's all the same to the MSM).

And speaking of the MSM, did they intentionally try to delay reporting true results in an attempt to create a fait accompli for Kloppenberg? The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:

Kristine Schmidt, the clerk in the city of Brookfield, said in a separate interview that she shared the results with the news media on election night....

And yet they never changed their totals. Hmmm....more:

In Winnebago County, officials now say Prosser received 20,701 votes to Kloppenburg's 18,887. On Wednesday, The Associated Press - which gathers the votes for most of the media in Wisconsin - had 19,991 for Prosser to Kloppenburg's 18,421.

Just enough to push Kloppenburg over the top. Reminds me of the 2004 general election, when the TV networks "stopped the clock" on the results just past midnight, with Bush holding a 50,000 vote lead in Ohio, due to" discrepancies" that did not actually exist. I remember the shock on the anchor's faces when Bush declared victory anyway, without their say-so....

I think we've seen how fat the media intends to go in order to get Democrats elected in 2012. They'll fudge the issues, overestimate the support and strength of the Left, disparage and demean the Right, and when the votes are counted, they'll lie about the totals in an attempt to force a concession from any Republican dumb enough to be fooled by them.

We are going to need eyes in the back of our heads next year...

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