Thursday, April 07, 2011

Prosser Now Leads In Wisconsin!

So much for Kloppenburg's victory lap:

Winnebago County returns posted by the clerk's office give Justice David Prosser 244 more votes there than JoAnne Kloppenburg compared to the results The Associated Press tallied.

Kloppenburg led Prosser in the final AP statewide tally by 204 votes.

Both candidates received more votes in the clerk's office numbers than the AP tally. Prosser netted 710 votes for a total of 20,701, while Kloppenburg netted 466 votes for a total of 18,887.

Those numbers are not official and could still change. The county was working on its canvass today and tomorrow, according to the clerk's office.

Gee, how could the AP had made such a mistake? It's not as if they have any type of clear agenda, or any axes to grind...

All this money, all this press, all the anger and death threats...and this is the best the Left can do in Wisconsin?

A major defeat for them, if it stands, or even if it doesn't, and the Democrats cheat their way to victory. No wonder Obama is suckling at Al Sharpton's teat, and planning to shut the whole shebang down...

UPDATE 5PM: Prosser's lead continues to grow...

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