Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Coke vs. DOMA drives this blogger to Royal Crown Cola

Sigh.  I gave up on Pepsi a few days after the inauguration of Barack Obama, when they sent me into a vertigo-type spin with these propaganda pieces plastered all over New York's subways.  Now it appears that my Coke-drinking days are over too, as the soft-drink giant apparently pressured the law firm of King & Spalding to drop their defense of DOMA:

Two partners at King & Spalding, the law firm that dropped defense of DOMA on behalf of the US House of Representatives, have spent the past several years defending al Qaeda terrorists at Gitmo — for free. And apparently with the law firm’s blessing.

It also seems that Coca-Cola, a major K&S client, was behind the pressure that persuaded K&S to drop DOMA. Well, actually, drop the House, since it was the client.

..... Has Coke ever weighed in on K&S’s free defense of terrorists, or any of K&S’s other clients? I’d really like for them to show their work if they deign to answer.

....when terrorists get preferential treatment over the American people’s representatives by one of the nation’s more important law firms, we have a serious problem on our hands. Does Coke think al Qaeda is a burgeoning market? What on earth are they thinking?

They aren't thinking, they are acting out of fear of the left.  Certainly if Coke had a concern about K&S's client list, they would have made it clear when they were representing terrorists pro bono, right? No?  Was it because the left wasn't screaming at them then? Or does Coke think the defense of American-killing terrorists is less offensive than the defense of a law that is on the books?
By forcing K&S out, they now have to answer the question.  No answer is answer enough for me.
So I guess it's down to Royal Crown Cola.  Hey, if it is good enough for Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, then it's good enough for me.  As per one Homer J. Simpson in When You Dish Upon A Star:
Homer pulls up to the crowd in an RV draped with a sign that reads "Homer's Museum of Hollywood Jerks". He says "Attention, starstruck fools!" through a megaphone, and walks outside. "Step right up and see the world's greatest mobile collection of Alec and Ron and Kim-orabilia," he continues. The crowd takes the bait, and Homer collects his money from the first to rush forward.

Inside, the fans explore the RV museum.

Wiggum: Hey, it's Alec Baldwin's Medic Alert bracelet!

Homer: That's right, Mr. Tough Guy can't handle a little penicillin! Oh, and look at this! We can't even pay our bills, and they're drinking [mockingly] "Royal Crown Cola".

I'll take a RC, please.  And the girl in this picture...she's a Met fan, to boot!

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