Saturday, April 16, 2011

Will Democrats Outlaw The iPad?

When you vote economic illiterates into office, anything can happen. Here's Jesse Jackson Jr. with a bizarre hypothesis:

"A few short weeks ago I came to the House floor after having purchased an iPad and said that I happened to believe, Mr. Speaker, that at some point in time this new device, which is now probably responsible for eliminating thousands of American jobs. Now Borders is closing stores because, why do you need to go to Borders anymore? Why do you need to go to Barnes & Noble? Buy an iPad and download your newspaper, download your book, download your magazine," Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-IL, Chicago) said on the House floor Friday afternoon...

Wasn't this theme played out in Atlas Shrugged, where Taggert Transcontinental's best engines running on their best tracks (Rearden Metal) were forced by law to slow down to 60 MPH, creating more runs and thus allowing more union employees to keep their jobs?

Being the way this administration has aped the worst characteristics of Ayn Rand's "moochers", I wouldn't put anything past them. After all, we can't let the strong have an advantage over the weak, and if that means shutting down a wildly popular technological device in favor of an inefficient, over-expanded, bloated, outdated business model, well....that would count as "economic fairness" to likes of Jesse and Baracky, right?

I'm not saying they will, I'm just saying this is a logical extension of the Democrat's ideology. Of course, a mere few weeks ago, Jackson was demanding the government buy the same iPad for every man, woman, and child in America. Is this irony, black comedy, or camp? As with every proposal that comes out of a Democrat's mouth, who can say?

Now, if only Border's employees had formed a union and contributed mightily to the Obama campaign. Then you might see the economic justice Jesse Jackson so clearly pines for...

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