Monday, April 18, 2011

The Spirit Of Jared Loughner Is Alive And Well in Madison, WI.

Remember Christina-Taylor Green? Jared Loughner, in an act of insanity, or - if you believed the liberal's telling - in an act of political expediency, shot this little girl down in cold blood while killing everyone in the vicinity of Gabrielle Giffords on that fateful day in Tuscon

Remember the cries for "civility" after the Tuscon massacre? The union goons and paleo-socialists who make up the Democratic Party in Madison, Wisconsin certainly do not. They honor the spirit of Jared Loughner - a spirit they must secretly wish they could summon up in their own yellow, gutless, hate-filled hearts - as they scream obsceneties and curse out a 14 year old girl who spoke at the Tea Party rally this weekend in Wisconsin.

Here is young Tricia Willoughby, showing nerves of steel before an onslaught of hatred:

But to the left, this precocious young girl is no more than a "f*cking brat":

Of course, if she was a liberal lass, and taking abuse from some Tea Partiers, Miss Tricia Willoughby would have already been on every morning news show, and perhaps hailed as this century's Rosa Parks.

Instead, the media turns a blind eye to the hateful abuse this girl suffered, and the bravery she showed in standing her ground.

The spirit of Jared Loughner lives too in the hearts of our glorious mainstream media....

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