Thursday, April 14, 2011

Will the 2012 elections hinge upon "spending reductions in the tax code"?

For those who are not familiar with the phrase, I'll let Michael Graham at the Boston Herald review its genesis for you:

I can reduce President Barack Obama’s entire speech on debt and deficits to a single phrase: “Spending reductions in the tax code.” Once you figure out what that means — once you’ve cracked the Obama Code — you’ll know everything you need to about his budget policy.

“The fourth step in our approach is to reduce spending in the tax code,” the president said. He promised “to cut about $1 trillion in spending from the tax code.”


t turns out that “cutting spending from the tax code” is Obama’s way of saying “tax hike.” You couldn’t tell by listening, but his plan is to raise taxes by $1 trillion by taking away things like home mortgage interest deductions from some taxpayers.

In English it’s a “tax increase.” In Obama Code, it’s a “spending cut.” On planet Earth, it’s like getting arrested for DUI and telling your wife you’re “experiencing an enhanced security condition.”

More on "Obama's planet" here, but what I found interesting was the comments on this article by the lefties, who parroted this line in various different ways. While Graham mocked the concept, saying "How much of the $1.6 trillion deficit spending this year is being spent on Warren Buffet? The premise is ridiculous....", the peanut gallery replies thusly:

Can you say "Bush Tax Cuts"? Come on, say it with me: Bush - Tax - Cuts. The only thing that is ridiculous is your supposed connection to reality.

So a tax cut - which is the government taking less of your own property, in the form of your earnings - is now the same as a spending increase. In other words, in the eyes of Barack Obama and the Democrats, our money and our property is not really ours, it is strictly on loan to us until they need to take it, in order to give it to someone else, someone who might repay them for it with a vote. Therefore, by keeping what you earn, the government is then spending money - rightfully theirs, as we've seen above - on you. That thinking is....what's the word I'm looking for? Oh, yeah: Insane.

I like this one too:

Ronald Reagan's Stockman said it best...(let's call it a Patriot Tax or a Freedom Tax)15% on anyone making over a million a year for 2 years...the deficit is GONE

Yes, because moderates and conservatives are so stupid that they'll support anything that has the word "patriot" slapped on top of it. Which is why Obama included this in his speech, possibly the most offensive element of all:

This sense of responsibility – to each other and to our country – this isn’t a partisan feeling. It isn’t a Democratic or Republican idea. It’s patriotism.

Sorry, Baracky. As Michael Graham points out:

And I love getting lectured on how, as Americans, it’s our job to “take responsibility for ourselves and each other” by a guy whose half-brother lives in a shed in Kenya, and whose aunt is on the dole here in Boston.

Anyway - is this what Obama and the Democrats are going to try to run on in 2012? That tax hikes are actually spending cuts? That your money is actually their money, and since you are demanding spending cuts, they will have to keep more of it and give you (and your family) less to live on? And that to complain about it, to oppose them and their Newspeak, is unpatriotic?

Bring it. If you thought 2010 was a wave election, well...the liberals better head for the hills, because the tsunami is on the horizon...

OBAMASPEAK - To say what you want whenever you want and whatever you say at the moment you say it is the truth...

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