Friday, April 15, 2011

Barack Obama vs. Paul Ryan: Like Fighting The Terminator

What in the world was Obama thinking when he gave his disaster of a budget speech earlier this week, one that showed him to be more of a petulant, churlish child than the deep-thinking Platonic superman we were told he would be?

Jeff Anderson over at the Weekly Standard is puzzled as well:

On the larger point of Obama having given a speech of this nature at all, one wonders what he was thinking. On some level, it is understandable that with no one to the right of the New York Times respecting his current budget, and with Ryan’s budget gaining substantial, if often grudging, praise from mainstream media outlets, Obama would want to be in the game. But the last thing that one should do is choose to go head-to-head on budgetary matters with the person who perhaps knows more about such matters than any other prominent elected official in America—especially when you have nothing particularly worthwhile of your own to offer. In challenging Ryan, Obama has merely highlighted his own inadequacies.

One gets the sense that, despite the clear verdict that the American people registered in 2010, Obama greatly underestimates how attuned voters are to the issue of the debt and how well aware they are that serious leadership is needed to address it. This was perhaps one irresponsible, partisan, disingenuous, misleading, and inaccurate speech too many.....

You know what, Barack? Looks like you really f*cked up this time. Still believing the lying, flattering tongues of your sycophantic lackeys, still so smug and self-assured in your belief that your can charm the pants off the American people with half your brain tied behind your back, you casually sauntered into the ring with a real intellect, and you absorbed a thorough and humiliating ass-kicking.

Aand no matter how far you run, no matter how deeply you try to hide, no matter what insults fly out of your little bitch-boy mouth, your adversary - Paul Ryan - comes after you, undaunted, relentless, focused in mind and spirit, armed with charts and facts and concern and good humor. Like the Terminator in a way - but in this case, by "terminating" your spending, your healthcare takeover, and your tax hikes, Terminator Ryan might actually save the future for humanity. Ryan should end his speeches with his hand outstretched, and the phrase, "Come with me if you want to live...'

What we see when we look at Congressman Paul Ryan....

What Barack Obama sees when he looks at Congressman Paul Ryan....

Barack should have listened to these lyrics from Marillion's Clutching at Straws, and taken them to heart:

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the water
Those problems seem to arise the ones you never really thought of
The feeling you get is similar to something like drowning
Out of your mind, you're out of your depth, you should have taken soundings
Clutching at straws, we're clutching at straws

Actually, you can apply these lyrics to poor Barack as well:

Have we lost our balls, or do we just not care
We're terminal cases that keep talking medicine
Pretending the end isn't quite that near

We make futile gestures, act to the cameras
With our made up faces and PR smiles
And when the angel comes down, down to deliver us
We'll find out that after all, we're only men of straw

But everything is still the same
Passing the time passing the blame
We carry on in the same old way
We'll find out we left it too late one day....

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