Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Barack Obama: "Well, Sir, You Are A Cowardly Son Of A Bitch"

So Barack Obama decides to bomb Libya, and rather than speak to the American people or consult Congress about it, he simply signs an order and gets the hell out of town, fast as his little feet will carry him, hiding behind his wife and kids (in a completely different hemisphere).

And when the nation's economic future hangs in the balance, by a thread, with the government on the verge of shutting down completely, Obama leaves DC once again and heads to New York and into the cozy arms of Reverend Al Sharpton, despite declaring only a day earlier that he'd work with the warring parties for as long as it takes to hammer out a deal:

According to guidance sent to reporters, Obama plans to leave for Philadelphia and New York on Wednesday, despite promising the day before that he would host Boehner and Reid at the White House if they didn’t reach a budget deal.

Obama told reporters on Tuesday that he’s “prepared to meet for as long as possible” with them, and he said that if they didn’t make a deal at a meeting later that day, “then I want them back here tomorrow.”


Obama plans to get his daily briefing at 11 a.m. and leave at 12:15 p.m. for Philadelphia, where he’ll talk at a town hall about his energy agenda. He’s then going to New York City to speak at a National Action Network gala with Rev. Al Sharpton, and he’ll return late in the night.

As of late Wednesday morning, Boehner's office confirmed that the White House hadn't yet offered an invitation to a budget meeting...

Boehner shouldn't hold his breath. Because he's hiding out in the few remaining Blue cities, where he can still feel the Brotherly Love, be it from Al Sharpton's gang of merry racists, or the Muslim Brotherhood whom he let loose to terrorize voters. Truth be told, when he's not surrounded by thugs (union or otherwise), and when he doesn't have his wife's ample bottom to hide behind, Barack Obama is not a very courageous man.

Looks like it will be a battle between Harry Reid and Paul Ryan to see who gets to step into the shoes of leadership that the president left outside the White House door. My bet's on the kid, for what it's worth....

Oh, and the post title? That's Gene Hackman talking to Clint Eastwood in "Unforgiven" - right around the 2:00 mark:

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