Thursday, April 14, 2011

Muslim Woman Sent Pig's Foot to Rep. Peter King, Call Jews "Monkeys"

Now, of course, if it were a Jew sending some bacon to someone like Keith Ellison (D-Sharia), this would be national story. But it's just another attempt at terrorism - spiced up with some anti-semitism (although King is not Jewish) and a vicious bit of holocaust mockery - by a poor, misunderstood, (American) Muslim, so I doubt this arrest will get much play:

A Muslim woman has admitted to mailing a bloody pig’s foot and a threatening letter to Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.), as well as another bizarre package to a New York state senator.

The woman, Jameela Barnette, of Marietta, Ga., says she sent the package to King earlier this month to voice her dismay with the hearing he held last month on what he calls the “radicalization” of American Muslims.

I thought the letters explain themselves,” she told the New York Post, speaking not only of the anti-Semitic note to King, but the one she says she sent to state Sen. Greg Ball, a Republican who has held his own hearings on Muslims and hosted King at the most recent hearing last week.

Just after the package to King was intercepted at a Maryland mail facility earlier this month, a congressional source told POLITICO the accompanying letter was “a rambling type” of message that referred to the congressman as a “Jew,”

The package sent to Ball included a Curious George stuffed animal with two Stars of David taped to it and a note that said, “FINAL DESTINATION: AUSCHWITZ.” Barnette told The Journal News that she sent the monkey because “I knew the Jews were behind the hearings. A monkey is a representation of who the Jews are.” The “Curious George” series of children’s books were written by Holocaust survivors.

Ironic. Doesn't Jameela Barnette's actions in fact justify both King's and Ball's hearings on the radicalization of American Muslims?

Anyway -Ssssshhhh.


Hear the crickets...?

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Anonymous said...


16 April 2011

The Journal News
1 Gannet Drive
White Plains, NY 10604


On 14 April 2011 I gave a phone interview to one of your reporters who I decline to name at the present. After reading the article, I discovered the reporter had injected himself into the story by printing a statement that I did not recall making. I played my recording of the interview and the following statement was not recorded by me, nor was there a justification for this random statement attributed to me: “Curious George was created by Holocaust Survivors”.

The reporter asked me why I sent the monkey to Sen. Ball and I responded; “I sent the monkey to remind Christians what they did to the Jews and that Muslims did not perpetrate the Holocaust on the Jews.” However, the reporter decided to change the story and attributed the above dribble to me.

Let it be known! You have 72 hours to retract the statement falsely attributed to me or I will play the recording of the interview to another media outlet, exposing the article as a calculated lie designed to discredit me and I will file a lawsuit against your organization for slander.

Kind Regards,

Messenger of Allah
& Defender of Islam