Monday, April 04, 2011

Is ObamaCare designed to kill Republicans?

Look, everyone knows the thing is a clusterf*ck. The president lost interest in it about five minutes after he signed it into law. Kathlees Sebelius, who will administrate this monstrosity, doesn't even live in this reality. And the rest of the administration seems to be making it up as they go along. But they seem to be aware of the obvious: That this legislation is going to kill a lot more people than it is going to save. And to that end, they are offering waivers to their own legislation hand over fist - but only to their political base.

Hey - can't let them die off, right? It's waiver Monday!

The Obama Administration has rolled out another 129 waivers to one provision of the new health reform law, with almost half of those new exemptions going to various union groups.

The extra waivers bring the total to 1,168, giving businesses, health plans, unions and others an exemption from a portion of the law that in 2011 requires an annual benefit limit of no less than $750,000. In other words, these 1,168 waivers allow companies to limit health insurance payouts to less than $750,000 - those annual benefit limits will be phased out by 2014.

The waivers now cover almost three million Americans, but the feds argue that is "less than 2 percent of all Americans who have private health insurance.

A figure that will no doubt be rising until it hits - how many registered Democrats are there today? - about 28% of the population. Think I'm kidding? Look who just got a "get out of ObamaCare free" card:

•Teamsters Local 237 in New York, covering over 51,000 workers •Carpenters District Council of Kansas City Welfare Plan, for 20,898 workers •Southeastern Iron Workers, for 5,143 policies •Minneapolis Retail Meat Cutters and Food Handlers for 10,720 •the Fulton Fish Market Welfare Fund for 1,211

Abe Greenwald:

We are deep in banana- republic territory here. The head of state forces an eccentric law onto his subjects and then lets his closest supporters get out of it so that they alone may continue to prosper. To call this more of the “same old” cynical Washington back-scratch machine is to underestimate the extent of the damage taking place before our eyes.

Hey - why do you think Obama greets the Hugo Chavez's and Daniel Ortega's with such enthusiasm, and treats our fellow democracies with such disdain? We know who his heroes are, and what social models he is looking to emulate...

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