Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wait...I thought the UN was established to prevent this type of thing....

Via Israelly Cool:

Iranian ambassador to Egypt Mojtaba Amani, when asked, "What is the position of Iran on the palestinian demand of the United Nations that Palestine become an internationally recognized state?"

“We see the need for the return of any inch of Palestine to his companions, but we support it and consider it something positive and necessary, and if requested by the Palestinian government officially recognized, this right of their rights must be respected, especially that this request is a step to wipe out Israel.”

Well, he's honest, at least. But we need to list the nations/states/leaders who do vote for Palestinian statehood, and remember they are doing so with full awareness that they are willingly taking part in, shall we say, a new "Final Solution" of the Israeli/Jewish problem....

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