Sunday, September 25, 2011

Obama Tells Blacks To STFU

Or, perhaps better, "Things a White Politician Can't Say":

Obama's speech to the annual awards dinner of the Congressional Black Caucus was his answer to increasingly vocal griping from black leaders that he's been giving away too much in talks with Republicans -- and not doing enough to fight black unemployment, which is nearly double the national average at 16.7 percent.

"It gets folks discouraged. I know. I listen to some of y'all," Obama told an audience of some 3,000 in the Washington convention center.

"Take off your bedroom slippers. Put on your marching shoes," Obama said, his voice rising as applause and cheers mounted. "Shake it off. Stop complainin'. Stop grumblin'. Stop cryin'. We are going to press on. We have work to do."

Can you imagine if a white president said this to a black audience?  The lynch mob would be out in force, wit every grievance-monger, liberal analyst, and scared RHINO calling for the white man's head.  But because Obama told the blacks to STFU, and get in line, it is OK.  What next?  Kudos to Barack for calling the CBC "My n*ggers"?

And a word to my fellow (black) Americans:  When Barack Obama says "We have work to do", he means you have work to do.  Because he doesn't do that work thing.  From Ron Suskind's new inside-the-White-House book "Confidence Men", we read a tale of a meeting between the president and his advisers, where Barack floats some sort of insane nationalization of the banking industry:

Obama wants to restructure sagging banks for $700 billion, to “begin to change the reckless behavior of Wall Street.”

“Look,” Obama said with evident frustration. “I’m going to get a haircut and have dinner with my family. You’ve heard me. When I come back I want this issue resolved.”

And with that, he walked out...

Seems like he doesn't even do any thinking for himself, either.  Better think twice before marching a mile with this guy; at the quarter-post, he's gonna stop and demand you carry him.  Share and spread the burden, and all that...

UPDATE 9/26:  Maxine Waters seems to find Obama's language towards blacks a bit "curious", as well...

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