Monday, September 19, 2011

Media Claims Barack Obama Is "The First Jewish President" !

Oh, come on now!  Really!  Someone ought to tell the media that propaganda is only useful when it has a basis in reality, or in at least in the base beliefs in the target audience.  Because a fail on this level only leads to a backlash, and permanently puts the publication in question onto the "fiction" rack, at least in the minds of the reading public...

I give you:  New York Magazine, around the bend and off the Cliffs of Insanity::

Via Gateway Pundit:

In New York magazine this week, John Heilemann contends that President Obama is the “best thing Israel has going for it right now” and despite some setbacks he remains a president “every bit as pro-Israel as the country’s own prime minister — and, if you look from the proper angle, maybe even more so.”

No question on what the proper angle necessary is to view Barack Hussein Obama as a pro-Israel president - it's an viewing angle from the far, far, left.  Like these folks here:

Or these 27 Democrats, who voted to continue to supply American taxpayer money to groups who deny Israel's right to exist:

Or perhaps from the angle of a certain other left-wing president, whose supporters also claimed was "pro-Israel":

Man...someone ought to tell the media that desperation smells awful, and the stench...well, it tends to stick to you for a while...

UPDATE:  Alana Goodman reports that 67% of Americans do not believe that Barack Obama is pro-Israel.  Meaning that either 33% of Americans do believe he is pro-Israel, or approve of his policies.

33%.  Same as the amount of registered Democrats, no?  Nobody left but the true believers...

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Conservative Libertine said...

It's hysterical! The knee jerk, schoolyard reaction to loosing Anthony Weiner's seat in district 9 is laughable.

At least we now know that being abandoned by the liberal Jewish vote got someone's attention.

Where do they come up with this stuff now that the JournalList listserve site is defunct?

This may be the ultimate spin. President Obama loses a faithful part of his base and so he send his media flunkies to get out and say
"No No No! Where are you going? Obama isn't bad for Isreal, Heeeeeee's good for Isreal! Really!"

This is like a Chris Mathews "tingle up my leg" moment. Put your head between your legs and kiss your credibility goodbye New York Magazine.