Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Late Night Comics Ripping On Obama...

...and if you've lost Jay Leno, you really have lost Middle America:

President Obama introduced his $447 billion jobs plan. A lot of economists say it could work — if we had $447 billion.
–Jay Leno

After saying the jobs bill is paid for, President Obama now says that it will be paid for by raising taxes over 10 years. I can’t figure out if he’s the kind of guy who makes infomercials, or the kind of guy who falls for infomercials.
–Jay Leno

The Democrats lost a seat they’ve held in New York since the 1920s. The White House said, “At least President Obama created one new job.”
–Jay Leno

And it ain't just the Crimson Chin who's busting the ball of The One Who Was Untouchable:

A man wearing an Obama mask robbed a bank. Either that or Obama has an exciting new plan to reduce the deficit.

President Obama described himself as an eternal optimist. He then explained that he’s the kind of person that sees the country as “half employed.”

Republicans actually decided not to give a rebuttal to President Obama’s jobs speech tonight. I guess they figured there’s already a rebuttal to his jobs speech: No jobs.
–Jimmy Fallon

Nothing negative on Obama from Letterman lately, though.  A bitter, misogynistic, Democratic front-man to the end...

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