Wednesday, September 07, 2011

In Search Of...Jon Huntsman Supporters

Like the Leonard Nimoy hosted "reality" show of the late 70's/early '80s, the Daily Caller sets out in search of a creature oft spoken about, occasionally quoted, but never actually seen: A supporter of "Republican" presidential candidate Jon Huntsman.

And like Nimoy's crew finding an ambiguous footprint and assigning it to a chupacabra, or perhaps to Bigfoot, the most convincing Republican supporters of Huntsman the DC can find are...a Democrat and two perpetual college students:

Arizona businessman Hal Robb told TheDC that he supports Huntsman because “his reasonableness appeals to me.”

Robb — who says he votes “Republican almost all the time” even though he admits to supporting President Obama in 2008, Arizona Democratic Rep. Gabby Giffords in 2010 and Republican Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl’s Democratic opponent Jim Pederson in 2006 — says he also values Huntsman’s international experience.

“[T]he most compelling reason I am currently a supporter of his is that he lived outside the United States,” Robb said

Huntsman for president....because he didn't live here! Not sure if that works for me, any better than the president's planned "Obama 2012: Because It Is Never His Fault!" will work for anyone else...

Here's a college student who supports Huntsman due to his views on climate change, and the idiocy of every other Republican who is not named Huntsman:

Hasson, who is currently a junior at Northwestern University, says he likes Huntsman’s willingness to take positions that are unorthodox within the Republican Party.

“As a rule, I prefer to get my science from NASA, not Michele Bachmann or Rick Perry,” Hasson said, suggesting that unlike Huntsman, some elements of the conservative base rejects science. Huntsman recently echoed this sentiment...

And lo! the DC discovers yet another supporter of our mysterious candidate, also on the fertile Huntsman hunting ground known as the college campus. Well, I assume he's still on campus. How many years does it take to get a bachelor's degree in :international studies", anyway?

David Litman is a 5th year international studies major at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, where he is president of the Oshkosh Model United Nations. He says he likes Huntsman’s moderate social positions as well, but is most attracted to his economic program.

Lisa Simpson was president of Springfield Elementary's "Model UN", you she a Huntsman supporter as well?

“I am most attracted to his economic policy, and I absolutely love his jobs plan he presented just recently,” he said. “I am glad he holds a moderate position on social issues like climate change and gay marriage.”

So to review: Huntsman's supporters in the Republican primaries include a Democrat, a junior, and a perpetual student, all of whom approve of him due to his liberal policy positions (“Huntsman is a liberal’s idea of what a Republican ought to be...").

Yet, despite the Daily Caller's best efforts, the mystery of his candidacy remains an open question.  Why is Jon Huntsman in the Republican presidential field, and how does he still get polling numbers as high as 1.3% ?

Some mysterious are never meant to be solved, I suppose...although if you dig them, I have another "Theory of Huntsman here", one that involves...time travel.  Go nuts...

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