Monday, September 19, 2011

Barack Obama is not coming for the millionaires....

...he's coming for you.  He's a socialist wolf, whom the media is trying to dress in sheep's clothing.

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"This is not class warfare -- it's math," Mr. Obama said from the White House Rose Garden, addressing GOP critiques of his plan head on.

"The money has to come from some place," he continued. "If we're not willing to ask those who've done extraordinarily well to help America close the deficit... the math says everybody else has to do a whole lot more, we've got to put the entire burden on the middle class and the poor."

The core of Mr. Obama's deficit reduction plan is $1.5 trillion in new taxes. About $800 billion comes from repealing the Bush-era tax rates for couples making more than $250,000. The plan also closes certain corporate tax loopholes and limits certain tax deductions.

Seems like Obama is frustrated that money doesn't grow on trees, as he spits out  "The money has to come from some place" with some venom.  I guess a life lived spending other people's money - as a community organizer, as a state legislator, as a Senator - doesn't prepare you much for the responsibility of creating the money in the first place.  Hence Obama's utter cluelessness, and his repeated, bewildered trips back to the stimulus (spending) well...

But look who he is actually going to raise taxes on.  While Obama only talks about millionaires and billionaires,  his actual plan is to start redistributing the wealth of families making $250,000 or better.  That is where is he will start confiscating the private wealth of the citizenry in order to spend it as he sees fit.  These are the people who Barack Obama says  - nay, accuses - of  having done "extraordinarily well".  Not millionaires and billionaires, but the upper middle class.  And let me tell you - in a state like New Jersey, with exorbitant local tax rates and "fees" up the wazoo - $250,000 is barely getting by in some places.

Hey - "It's math"!

So he's not just soaking the rich. He is starting with the upper middle class and moving up.  And who will bear the brunt of these tax increases?  A harried middle class, with no time or money to spend on complicated tax forms, or the the rich, who will shuffle their money into various hiding places and wind up paying less than before?

The wolf is on the loose, folks.  And he is hunting us...

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