Wednesday, September 28, 2011

One Poll Tells You Why Christie Can Win It All...

...and it is a local one, released Tuesday:

A new Fairleigh Dickinson U. survey released today found 54 percent of Jersey voters approving of the pugnacious governor’s performance. Only 36 percent disapproved.

His job performance jumped ten points since May.

Christie’s approval increased after he signed a controversial new law to rein in pension and health benefit costs for government workers -- over the objections of powerful public employee unions.

Christie also scored points for his hands-on management of the state’s response to Hurricane Irene last month.

Funny coincidence - the percentage of New Jersey voters who are registered Democrats is...36%. Meaning his "base" (what little there is in New Jersey)  is in line, along with the majority of the independents. How significant is that? Ask Ann Coulter:

“[Y]ou have to judge governors from very blue states, from union control, corrupt left-wing dark blue states on a curve and you want to look at much more what they do and not what they say and Gov. Christie is the most right-wing and socially right-wing governor New Jersey has ever seen,” she said. “And an awful lot of this stuff just gets lied about.”

Coulter also noted Christie’s attacks on former New Jersey Democratic Gov. Jon Corzine for supporting in-state tuition for the children of illegal immigrants, an issue that is currently plaguing the presidential campaign of Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

More conservative than Rick Perry, yet loved by independents?  So what is the amount of registered Democrats nationwide, somewhere around 33% - 34%?  So if Chris Christie takes two-thirds of the popular vote - as he currently seems to own in a state once called "Blue Jersey" - how many electoral votes will that equal?

And imagine how Chris Christie would govern when he actually has a legislature that hails from the same party as he does...

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