Wednesday, September 14, 2011

NY-9: Will Bob Turner's Win Cause A "Jewish Civil War"?

Liberal poll expert Nate Silver started spinning the Weprin loss before polls even closed:

Reality, of course, mocked him:

(translated as, “Mazel tov, Bob !")

Take a look at these results:

U.S. House - District 9 - Special General

David Weprin (Dem)
Total 27,669 46%
Brooklyn 5,914 33%
Queens 21,755 51%

Bob Turner (GOP)
Total 32,446 54%
Brooklyn: 12,163 67%
Queens 20,283 48%

Wheras in Queens - the home freakin' planet of the blue-collar, working middle class, multi-ethnic Democrat - Weprin could barely eke out a 1500 vote lead, he got destroyed in heavily Jewish Brooklyn..

Let's assume the message gets through to the White House (the elections of McDonnell, Christie, and Scott Brown did not) that Obama is losing the Jews, based on his treatment of Israel (and to a lesser but still significant extent, gay marriage).  What does he do?

Option 1:  He reverses course on Israel, and becomes a strong supporter of the Jewish state.  Years of mistreatment can be characterized as merely "tough love" and "even-handedness"; Obama can spin an about-face here as simply being fed up with Palestinian terrorism and Arab violence.  He can save his own ass this way, as well as a number of vulnerable Congressional Democrats.  Ah, who am I kidding?  It's about his own hide, and no one else's...

Option 2: Vengeance against the Jews.  The only thing Obama knows and loves more than kowtowing to a supportive special interest group is wreaking revenge against those whom he feels slighted him.  Whether it is repeated attempts to snub FOX News, giving Hillary the middle finger, or walking out on foreign leaders (ahem!), this guy loves a good grudge.  Obama might feel it best to send a signal to American Jews via some threats towards Israel, or support towards their enemies.  Just a little warning on what might happen down the road if the Jews don't fall into line.  An internal pogrom is unlikely, but you can bet he'll turn his back on any overt antisemitism he sees, much like he smirks and pretends not to see what the labor unions are up to...

Next, a quick joke:
Q:  What do you call the congregation of a Reform Synagogue?
A:  Goyim

Possibility #3:  A war between the Jews, which would suit Obama just fine.  Brooklyn's Jews are conservative and orthodox in nature; and the scriptures say nothing favorable towards the destruction of Israel or the wedding of male with male.  In fact, I believe they say the opposite.  And that hurt Weprin  - soldier of Obama and backer of gay marraige - a lot.  So the question is, will the "Reform Jews" lead a charge against their more conservative brethren?  Oh, you betcha.  Reform Jews oft are more wedded to the Democratic party than to Judaism, and more beholden to liberal orthodoxy than to the Bible.  They will lash out at Conservative and Orthodox Jews, trying to paint them as extremist radicals within the faith, and not to be taken as seriously as...Reform Jews. They will call them hidebound, racist, ignorant, and Israel-firsters - you know, everything that liberals say about conservatives on a daily basis...

Reform Jews have a lot of visibility and donate tons of money to Democratic candidates, Orthodox Jews are more hidden and less wealthy, but a whisper from an aged rabbi will send his reverent flocks stampeding to the voting booth en masse to pull one carefully selected lever....

With Turner's win over Weprin, a huge dynamic has been thrown into flux.  Whichever side it stabilizes behind might be the winner of the 2012 elections (think Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio).  Depends on where Barack Obama goes from here, I suppose.  Assuming the Jews don't destroy themselves first...

UPDATE:  No surprise, loony  DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz fires the first shot at her fellow Jews with a wink and a nod as she dismisses the results from NY-9:

“In this district, there is a large number of people who went to the polls tonight who didn’t support the president to begin with and don’t support Democrats — and it’s nothing more than that,” she said in a telephone interview.

You see, it's a certain type of Jew that's the problem...

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