Sunday, September 25, 2011

Awesome: NYPD Delivers A Good Old-Fashioned Hippie Ass Whompin'...

"We're seeing an absolute erosion of our civil rights," said 23-year-old student Patrick Bruner of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

 "....We had no weapons, just our voice.

 "....This is my first protest to fight against the ruthless corporations."

 Oh, jeez, this shit again? At least the hippies of the '60's were railing for handouts during a relatively prosperous period. These douches are demanding "redistribution" during a never-ending recession, one exacerbated by a president who shares their ideology.

And while these videos below were posted as proof of the "atrocities" of the NYPD, looks to me as if the officers on the scene were simply intent on nipping a protest-turned-violent in the bud. And if some 21st-century hippies have to get face-planted in the concrete to make that intention clear, well...that's not a bug, that's a feature.

Like this punk. "Arrested for talking to a cop!" is the title, but you can see "Sam Quinn" at the 5-6 second mark pushing against the cop, and confronting him again seconds later. This ain't Great Britain, pallie:

Now here, the, ahem, "peaceful" ladies doth protested too much. And were clearly pushing back against the police. Scream all you want, girls, but you had that face-full of Mace coming...

Oh, Eric Cartman, where are you when we need you?

(Stone and Parker's commentary here is priceless, by the way...)

And if the title of this post sounds familiar, well,'s a quote from another law officer who knows how to use his baton, Chief Clancy Wiggum of Springfield:

...Chief Wiggum notices Lou spinning in a chair, laughing and holding a bottle of juice.


Wiggum: "Lou. Lou! Are you all right?"
Lou: "The electric yellow has got me by the brain banana."
Wiggum: "I ... see."

[Wiggum grabs the bottle from Lou, dips a fingertip into the juice, and has a taste.]

Wiggum: "My God, it's nothing but carrots and peyote!"
Eddie: "Damn longhairs never learn, Chief."
Wiggum: "It's time for a good old-fashioned hippie ass-whomping!"

Sorry, I'm having too much fun with this one...Wiggum has a long history of animosity towards hippies...

“That’s right. She’s got the ‘munchies’ for a California cheeseburger.” – Chief Clancy Wiggum


Conservative Libertine said...

They can all thank Michael Moore for their ass whooping. He predicted violence on Keith Olberman's show. I guess the police were watching and said "Hey, he might be right. We'd better do something!"

Michael Moore Predicts Violence from Protestors

The JerseyNut said...

This is the chaos that Moore and his ilk crave. But it is never their (fat) asses on the line. Would have loved to see that hypocritical bastard get a face full of mace like tose dumbf*ck chicks.

But no, he makes the call for action, the dupes follow, and get (justifiably) beaten down while he laughs in his Central Park townhouse. And profits from it, of course...