Friday, September 23, 2011

Don't Be Fooled: Obama Still Hating On Israel

No matter how hard he tries, Barack Obama keeps allowing the mask to slip.  Yesterday, he spoke on a conference call to some 900+ rabbis, mostly of the Reform variety (preachin' to the choir, again). While boasting of his commitment to Israel, he made his faux pas:

Asked about the instability in Egypt and what the U.S. can do to ensure Israel's safety, Obama indicated that a re-ignition of the peace process could cool down the region.

"The most important thing we can do to stabilize the strategic situation for Israel is if we can actually resolve the Palestinian-Israeli crisis because that's what feeds so much of the tumult in Egypt," Obama said. "That's what I think has created the deep tension between Turkey and Israel and Turkey has historically been a friend and ally of Israel's. That's why we think direct negotiations are so critical."

And there we go again.  Anything that goes wrong in the Middle East is Israel's responsibility.  Not the fault of an Egyptian nation that has actually gone backwards since the pharoahs, not the fault of a new Turkish PM who has decide it will be he, not Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, whom will lead the coming Islamic worldwide Caliphate. Not the fault of a Syrian dictator who slaughters his own people, nor the fault of an Iranian madman who is rapidly builing nuclear warheads, or even the gang of out-and-out thugs who control Gaza.  No -  according to Obama, all the Middle East's problems lay at the feet of the region's only democracy and smallest nation, the Jewish state.

Is there any surprise that most Jews see Obama's sudden conversion to staunch supporter of Israel - conveniently taken right after they handed him his head in NY-9 - as a cynical ploy, a head-fake, an attempt by a con man to hawk his dubious wares?  Forget walking the walk, he can't even talk the talk without falling flat on his face...

And Bill Clinton is no better. He won't blame Israel as a nation, but like Obama has a deep seated hatred of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whom he now accuses of "killing" the peace process. If his harridan of a wife does decide to mount a primary challenge to Barack Obama, or take up the scepter of the throne should he abdicate, she'll have to answer for her husbands misguided hatereds, as well as her own...

The Democrats are the party of antisemitism.  So deeply ingrained it is, especially within their educated elites, that their leadership cannot disown it without simultaneously falling back on it.

Amazing, absolutely amazing...

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