Sunday, July 03, 2011

Cap and Trade: An Aussie Explains The Scam

Why are the Democrats so hungry for a cap & trade scheme? Ask Australia's Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott , who is fighting against the implementation of a carbon trading regime Down Under:

"This is a market based on the non-delivery of an invisible product to no one, and is almost certain to be scammed," Mr Abbott said.

Ouch. Seems to me that certain politicians are looking enviously at Al Gore's riches, and want to get a piece of the action for themselves.

"Who's house?  Al Gore's house!  I said, who's house? Al Gore's house!"

The AFP, the Aussie version of our FBI, backs up Abbot:

The AFP has been examining the issue since an ETS was first raised as a serious proposal four years ago.
Former AFP chief Mick Keelty told a forum at that time that any carbon trading scheme had the potential to be undermined by "corruption or fraud".

In April 2010, AFP deputy commissioner for national security Peter Drennan said carbon trading "may in time provide opportunities for organised criminal syndicates to exploit new markets and engage in fraudulent activity".

Politicians, mobsters....same difference.

Abbot takes an additional shot, this time at the Australian versions of Paul Krugman and the Keynesian economics crowd:

Speaking at the The Australian-Melbourne Institute Growth Challenge conference in Melbourne, Mr Abbott said economists should not be taken in by Labor’s use of the term "market-based mechanisms’’.

"It may well be, as you say, that most Australian economists think that the carbon tax or emissions trading scheme is the way to go,’’ he said.

 "Maybe that’s a comment on the quality of our economists.’’

Ours too, pal.  But like climate science, the field of professional economics is now corrupted as well, as political ideology has taken the place of rigid method and mathematics.

Which creates such monstrosities as...cap and trade.  Abbott is a Van Helsing, fighting horrors from warped laboratories across his continent.  We can use a few brave men like him around these parts right now, you know?

I'll even take Anna Valerious...

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