Saturday, July 09, 2011

Pssst! Those 18,000 Jobs "Created" in June? They Don't Actually Exist...

John Crudele in the New York Post explains how we most likely didn't gain 18,000 paltry jobs in June...we likely lost close to 113,000 jobs instead.

It's all in the number-fixing, and the Department of Labor is dancing as fast as it can.  But alas, the American people are smarter than the Left seems to believe, and even this well-prepared scam is falling apart at the seams rather quickly, like a bootleg pair of designer jeans:

Now for the really bad news: that 18,000 gain announced by the government yesterday isn't real.

For one thing, the number of jobs increased in June only because the Labor Department simultaneously revised downward the number of jobs that existed in this country during May.

Without the fence-moving operation in the May employment report, the June number -- yesterday's number -- would have shown a decline of 26,000 jobs.

Then there's another problem with June's employment report. Included in the 18,000 headline number is a guesstimate that 131,000 jobs were created by newly formed -- and, therefore, invisible -- companies.

If you want to send your resume to one of these companies, don't bother. They probably don't exist, and neither do the jobs the government thinks they are creating. These figments of the imagination of the Labor Department's computers will probably disappear when the numbers are checked early next year.

Since this entire column is filled with bad news, I may as well give it all to you at once: The job numbers are only going to get worse in the months ahead...

 Unless Obama and Labor try to cook the books again. Still, the panic setting in within the administration is not without cause. What's that saying about peeing on our legs and telling us that it's raining...?


CapnCraigAgain said...

Yeah, heard it before, believe it more and more. The White House Numbers crunchers are all enrolled in the Mustafa School of Higher Confectioners. Sugar coated Bully Sheets.

Keep spreading the mustard.

Anonymous said...

The fact that the May jobs number - shitty as it was - had to be adjusted downward would have been a pretty big deal were a Republican in the Oval Office. Instead, the media ignores anything that happens more than 15 minutes ago, and keeps championing the "full speed ahead with more stimuli and taxation, damn the Republicans!" talking point as manufactured by the Left.

We're boned.