Friday, July 08, 2011

Destroying Jobs, Newark-Style!

Liberals, having no understanding of economics, view businessmen as con artists, who can be shackled, tied down, and starved, and yet produce taxable revenue upon demand because..well, they don't understand why exactly, but that's what businesses do, right?  Liberals, especially of the political stripe, have no mind to sully themselves with any understanding of the dirty business of making money, only the taking of it.  So when they pass laws that essentially force businesses to close down, they profess shock, and point angry fingers at the magical businessman, who must be unable to make money for them because he simply refuses to.  See Obama, Barack Hussein, for a perfect example of the genre.

What's my point?  Expect Newark,  New Jersey councilmen (and women) to have the same slack-jawed, stupefied look on their faces by year's end when this bit of legislation kicks in:

Restaurants are required to be sanitary and adhere to fire codes, but in Newark, New Jersey, some of them will also be required to have an armed guard on duty after dark.

Eateries that seat fewer than 20 customers and are open after 9 p.m. will now have to meet the requirement passed by the Newark City Council Thursday.

One restaurant that squarely meets the specifications of the new legislation is the Texas Fried Chicken and Pizza on Lyons Avenue. It also was the scene of a fatal shooting on May 27th. Police say that in a drive-by in a stolen car, Rasul McNeil-Thomas, 19, shot up the restaurant in the Newark's South Ward. The gunfire left two restaurant patrons injured and killed off-duty Newark police officer William Johnson.

The restaurant's owner, Jamil Nahiam, had complained about the new legislation after the city council approved it, saying it was a costly requirement that squeezes small businesses. Nahiam is meeting on Friday with City Councilmember Ras Baraka, who introduced the legislation.

Whether or not an armed guard could have prevented the shooting that killed Officer William Thomas is debatable. Thomas was himself an armed guard at a housing complex on some of his days off.

Stupid/dumb. So where's the hero of the center-left, Cory Booker, with his mighty veto pen? Guess it got stuck up his ass:

What is not debatable is that this legislation will go into effect. It was approved unanimously by the Newark City Council, and Mayor Cory Booker's staff has said he will not veto it. Restaurant owners have thirty days to hire and post armed guards in their places of business.

Or go out of business, rather than operate at a loss. Which will add more folks to the unemployment line, while depriving the city of what revenue they did receive from these small restaurants. Not to mention adding to the urban blight that is the central feature of downtown Newark...

And I thought folks paid taxes first and foremost to be provided with security...perhaps via a police force? So where's the Newark PD? And if you pay taxes simply to exist, and not receive even basic services, isn't that simply extortion on a government level? Pay me to allow you to set up here, and after that, you're on your own. Unless I decide I need more money from you. Nice store you got here....

And they wonder why there is a Tea Party...

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