Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Gang Of Six Can Kiss My Ass

The House Republicans passed the Ryan budget, the Senate did nothing.  The House Republicans passed Cut/Cap/Balance, and the Senate did nothing. 

No, wait, sorry - they did do something:

Like clockwork, the self-important “pragmatists” in the Senate are banding into their little gang so they ride to the “rescue” and save us from ever having to decide something on principle. Then they clap themselves on the back for it...

And apparently, their "plan" is a clusterf*ck:

The documents were surely thrown together quickly reflecting a rapidly evolving process.

No doubt the authors’ first task will be to clarify the proposal. For example, by one reading the proposal suggests a tax increase/spending cut ratio of better than three-to-two. President Obama only suggested one-to-three, so the Gang of Six Plan suggests a curious negotiating style on the part of the Republicans.

A "quickly thrown-together" plan that raises taxes? What the hell is this, Obamacare redux?

Short answer: yes. It's a solution mismatched to the problem, one that offers glory to those who author the plan (what great compromisers are we!) but offers zero to the American people:

So to recap, the Gang of Six budget plan is to promise at a later date to pass legislation. And this legislation would (details forthcoming) cut some spending immediately, possibly raise some taxes immediately (though this is unclear), and then promise to raise taxes a lot more and cut spending a bit more in subsequent legislation. On its face and even with this vague outline, the substance of the plan is unacceptable. A massive tax hike to address massive overspending is a non-starter.

How stupid do they think we are? Their "grand plan" is to pass a minimal amount of spending cuts, then wait until the heat dies down, and eventually, maybe, go into committee meeting in the Democratic-controlled Senate to hammer out "further cuts" (ha!) and tax hikes? Gee, how the hell do you think this is going to end up?

I'll tell you. In a whole slew of new Tea Party challenges to Republicans who dare lift a finger to vote yea for this continuation of business as usual at a time when we need to change course simply to survive as a nation.

A vote for the Gang of Six proposal is a betrayal, of both the nation's future and of people who voted Republican in 2010. Let it be on their heads....

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