Sunday, July 17, 2011

Anthony Weiner Now A "Victim" - Of Conservatives Ruining His Good Time

Well, that didn't take long.  Columnist and uber-lefty Richard Cohen misses his bomb-throwing pervert, and tries to build a case for his resurrection:

A date has been set - and the candidates chosen - for an election to fill the seat of the disgraced Anthony Weiner. To my disappointment, none of the candidates is Weiner himself, who is surely the last bullying victim of the academic year.

It hardly mattered, it seemed, that Weiner intended his pictures, as lewd and strange as they might be, for specific recipients. Most of the women solicited his attention and the one who appeared on the "Today" show said she had reciprocated in kind. So much for a parade of victims.

Cohen wisely uses most here, thus he extrapolates the teenage girl Weiner was grooming to sext. But she's not the victim here...

In fact, there are victims. One is due process, which envisions a procedure other than a lynch mob for Congress to rid itself of a miscreant. Another is common decency, which means you stand up for someone who's done no legal wrong.

We'll remember that, Richard. Promise. Anyway:

Anthony Weiner and Bill Clinton have much in common. Both had their private lives invaded. Both were clamped in the stocks of mortification, Clinton by his conservative enemies and Kenneth Starr, and Weiner by Breitbart and other conservative stalkers. In both cases, the persecution was supposedly justified because both men had lied. But they had not lied to cover up a crime, but to cover up an embarrassment. There is a difference, and while Clinton crossed a line - he lied to a grand jury - Weiner did no such thing. He lied to save face.

Thanks, Richard. You've given us a clear distillation of liberal morality that we can hold up to our fellow Americans to see. Apparently, is it OK for married politicians to solicit blowjobs from interns and/or to jerk-off to Vegas trash and porn stars, and then lie about it to the public your are paid to represent. Because nobody is getting hurt except the politician's wives, their unborn children, and perhaps the young girls involved, who may be enjoying the celebrity for the moment but are marked as whores by these men for life.

We must accept these disgusting perversions, Cohen tells us, because they were exposed by conservatives, who must not ever be empowered, even when they are right. Better to lie back and enjoy this degrading treatment of women than suffer the fate of being led by a conservative ideology. Better to be led by Clinton and Weiner, who are all for having more control over your lives. The better to jerk off to you, I suppose...

This is all that's left to liberal ideology. Perverts are heroes and victims, the ones that expose their sickness and lies are dishonorable. If it sounds like moral inversion, well, that's what it is and that's all that left of liberalism - the hope that we can be led to believe - if we are told often enough how utterly stupid we are - that wrong is right, debt is wealth, taxes are good and budgets are evil....

God help us if we fall for this sack of crap. Actually, he won't. Which would be just...

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